Cowboy Take Me Away

Book 16 of the Rough Riders Series

Cowboy Take Me Away


Rough Riders Book 16


A grumpy/sunshine, insta-love, forbidden romance, family saga told in flashbacks, small town romance from NY Times Bestselling author Lorelei James.


An epic love story that spans fifty years…

The moment Carson McKay saw the voluptuous blonde at the dance hall he was tempted to throw her over his shoulder, race to the closest church and make her his. Given his reputation as a lover and a fighter—not necessarily in that order—it wasn’t surprising she gave him the cold shoulder. But he definitely wasn’t expecting the right hook when he tried to steal a kiss.

Carolyn West might look sweet and innocent, but she’s no fool. The handsome charmer with the beautiful blue eyes and heart-stopping smile didn’t really want to marry her; he just fancied taking her for a test ride. But when he kisses her a second time, she can’t fight her burning attraction to him…until she learns he’s one of the wild McKay cowboys she’s been warned about.

Carson doesn’t care about the long-standing feud between the Wests and the McKays—Carolyn owns his heart, body and soul. The more intimate they become, the more Carolyn sees the real man behind the reputation—a man who craves the same forever connection she does…a man who will stay by her side and give her the love of a lifetime.

Ridgeview Publishing
(March 23, 2017)
386 pages

Praise for Cowboy Take Me Away »

  • Having gone along for the ride with each of the McKay and West guys and gals in their books over the years, DNA of their parents runs very strongly through their veins, so to speak. This is a terrific way to end the series…

    The Good, The Bad and The Unread

  • An emotional read that had me laughing, crying and panting for more.

    Under the Covers Book Blog

  • There was just so much to love about this book, and the years that it spanned, that I couldn’t contain my emotions. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I was sad. But through it all I couldn’t help but fall even further in love with every single character in the series. Such a perfect ending to such a wonderful family saga.

    The Book Pushers

Excerpt »

“See that sexy blonde over there? I’m gonna marry her.”

Calvin McKay squinted at his twin brother Carson as if he’d grown horns. “What the hell, Carse? Who you eyeballin’ now?”

Carson pointed with his beer bottle to the woman leaning against the bar, trying to look as if she was a regular at this honky-tonk—and failing miserably. His eyes moved over her, slowly, so he didn’t miss an inch of her curves.

Sweet Jesus she was sweet.

With her long sweep of honey-blonde hair, heart-shaped face and full lips outlined with red lipstick, she commanded a lustful second, third and fourth look from every man in the room.

So why was she still alone?

Because she’s waiting for you.

“Who is she?” Cal asked.

“No idea. Never seen her around here before.” Women who looked like her were in short supply in Wyoming.

“Maybe she’s just passin’ through,” Cal offered.

“Then I’d better make my move and convince her to stay permanently.” Carson drained his beer and adjusted his hat. “How do I look?”

“How much you been drinkin’? You never give a shit about that.”

“It’s never mattered before.”

Cal shook his head. “Right. You’re so full of it.”

“I’m serious.”

“Fine. You look like you’re already imagining her in the cab of your truck with her skirt pushed up and her panties pushed down, while you’re pounding away between her thighs.”

“I ain’t that obvious.”

“No, you’re much smoother than that, but admit that we McKays have the fuck ’em and leave ’em reputation because of you, Carson.”

“Bullshit. You and Casper and now even Charlie think you’re so much more discreet, but you ain’t.”

“Don’t get your hopes up that she hasn’t already been warned about your wild ways.”

“Guess we’ll see, won’t we?” Carson tossed his bottle in the trash.

He kept his gaze on her as he cut through the crowd. He must’ve looked like a man on a mission because no one got in his way.

When he stood behind her, close enough to catch a whiff of hair spray and her perfume, his heart knocked in his chest. Even his damn knees knocked. Why did this feel so important?

She sensed him and turned. Her eyes, the pale blue color of a summer Wyoming sky, widened slightly. Those tempting red lips parted and she unconsciously backed up.

Carson took advantage of the opening and stepped up to the bar so their bodies were mere inches apart. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. How about we skip all this dating bullshit and just head straight to the altar?”

Her confused eyes roamed his face. “Did you just ask me to marry you?”

“Yep. So what d’ya say?”

“Does that line usually work for you, cowboy?”

He tucked a section of silky blonde hair behind her ear. “It ain’t a line. And trust me; I’ve never said those words to another woman in my life.”

“You don’t even know my name.”

“I’m guessing…Angel?”

“Angel? Really?”

“That’s a sight better than my first thought, which was…Cherry.”

Her face flushed pink.

He followed the delicate curve of her ear with the tip of his finger to the start of her jawline. “What is your name?”


“Carolyn,” he repeated, and continued to feather his thumb across that soft skin. “Pretty.” Something primal overtook him and he leaned closer, almost desperate to feel the press of her lips against his. Desperate to make his claim. He lowered his head and brushed his lips over hers just one time.

Her plump lips were unyielding and her whole body stiffened.

Determined to get the reaction he needed, he let his lips linger, silently coaxing her to open her mouth in invitation and accept his kiss. To accept him.

Her exhale bounced off his lips as a sexy sigh.

Oh yeah. You’re all mine now.

Feeling like he’d won a battle, he eased back.

That’s when she slugged him in the jaw.

Ridgeview Publishing
(March 23, 2017)
386 pages

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