Do you intend on writing a story for Boone West and Sierra McKay? When?

Yes. It released June 2016.  UNBREAK MY HEART is book 1 in the new ROUGH RIDERS LEGACY series.  The series will focus on the next generation of McKays.

Are you really, truly ending the Rough Riders series at book 16? Why?

YES, the 2014 release of book 16, COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY, is the end of the long-running story arc that I intended and I have no plans for other full-length novels in the series. But in 2016 I’ll be launching a new series called ROUGH RIDERS LEGACY that will follow the lives of a second generation of McKays, beginning with Sierra Daniels McKay and Boone West in UNBREAK MY HEART. It is possible that I will also continue to release some short content related to the ROUGH RIDERS series, as I have done with LONG TIME GONE and SHORT RIDES, as my schedule permits.

Do I have to read the Rough Riders series in order?

I’d say YES because as a reader you’d get the full scope of the character growth, the chronological arc of the changes in the McKay family, and get introduced to each McKay character who will eventually get their own book.

What is the reading order for the Rough Riders series?

1) Long Hard Ride
2) Rode Hard, Put Up Wet
3) Cowgirl Up And Ride
4) Tied Up, Tied Down
5) Rough, Raw, And Ready
6) Branded As Trouble
6.5) Strong, Silent Type (Novella)
7) Shoulda Been A Cowboy
8) All Jacked Up
9) Raising Kane
Slow Ride (Free Read/Short Story)
10) Cowgirls Don’t Cry
11) Chasin’ Eight
12) Cowboy Casanova
13) Kissin’ Tell
14) Gone Country
Short Rides (Anthology/Three Rough Riders Stories)
15) Redneck Romeo
16) Cowboy Take Me Away
16.5) Long Time Gone (Novella)

Will you be releasing any more short stories about McKay couples like you did in SHORT RIDES?

YES, I’d love to take a peek back into the lives of every couple after their happily ever after, and since I’ll self-publish those small glimpses, I don’t have to adhere to anyone’s timetable but my own. That said, there won’t be advance warning when they become available so keep an eye on my website for details.

Why are there new covers on the first few Rough Riders books? Is there any new content in these new editions?

The rights from my early Rough Riders books have reverted to me and I am now publishing them on my own. I don’t have the rights to the original covers, but I’m excited to give the series a fresh new look, and I will continue to update the covers as the rights to the titles return to me. There is no additional or revised content in these books, though any typos or errors from the early versions have been corrected.

Why are the books in the Blacktop Cowboys® priced higher than the Rough Riders books?

Because the series are published by different publishers and the publisher sets the prices—I have zero control over that.

Do I have to read the Blacktop Cowboys® series in order?

Not necessarily. I intentionally set out to make the books in this series standalones—yet still remain connected to all the books in the series. The novels in the Blacktop Cowboys® series are centered around a group of friends from the same Wyoming community, not one family like in the Rough Riders series. So if you start with book 4, you won’t be lost in a sea of characters if you don’t know their entire backstory.

What is the reading order for the Blacktop Cowboys® series?

1) Corralled
2) Saddled and Spurred
3) Wrangled and Tangled
4) One Night Rodeo
5) Turn and Burn
6) Hillbilly Rockstar
Roped In (Novella)
Stripped Down (Novella)
7) Wrapped and Strapped
Strung Up (Novella)
8) Hang Tough

I live out of the United States. Are the Blacktop Cowboys® available digitally in my country?

All eight books and three novellas in the series are now available to my overseas readers! The covers are different for the foreign editions, but check out the buy links here.

Will there be more books in the Mastered Series?

At this time, there are no further books contracted for the Mastered Series.  However, there are still stories to tell.  If my schedule allows, I would love to write them.  Watch my page and subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest information about new books in this series.

How many books will there be in the Need You series? What genre does this series fall into?

There are currently two titles in the NEED YOU series. WHAT YOU NEED and JUST WHAT I NEEDED are available now.  Two more books will release in 2017. This series is a mainstream contemporary series set in Minneapolis. It is NOT categorized as erotic, which allowed me to focus more on the characters’ emotional journey, but there is still plenty of heat.

Will you continue with the Wild West Boys series?

So this series is on hold indefinitely. At some point I will finish the Chet and Remy and Doc Monroe story, as well as Ramona’s story, but don’t look for either installment before 2017.

Are all of your books available in audio?

Not at this time, but you can find a list of my available audio titles on my printable book list.

Is there a way to have my Lorelei James print books autographed?

I love meeting readers at events, and coming to one of my signings is currently the best way to get a signed print book. Check back for upcoming events!

Where can I find out more about Lorelei’s newest releases and what books are coming soon?

Visit the homepage for the latest coming soon titles.

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