October 19, 2020

Man Candy Monday #534

Bathed in golden sunlight…

October 17, 2020

Saturday Surprise — Let Us Eat Cake!

I like to cook, as you all know, and sometimes I fall down a rabbit hole looking for new recipes. Many are meh and I won’t make them again, but let me tell you… THIS IS THE BEST CAKE I’VE EVER MADE And guess what? I made it in the slow cooker! No lie. It…

October 12, 2020

Man Candy Monday #533

Happy Native American Day! Look at this hottie 🙂

October 11, 2020

Sunday (oops) Surprise — stupid computer stuff

I’ve been in a crap mood this week — my online Microsoft Word subscription didn’t save additions to a document. When it happened once, I thought, okay, maybe I *didn’t* save it and resigned myself to rewriting the 3 pages I’d lost. So I did that…and made sure I saved them EVERY time I walked…

October 5, 2020

Man Candy Monday #532

Just hanging out, looking allllll kinds of sexy 😏

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