April 4, 2020

Saturday Six!

Six random things about me: A) I make my bed every day. I can’t stand looking at a messy, unmade bed. My daughters give me crap about this — and they don’t suffer from the same need to make their beds every day, even now as adults. But really, if I spent good money on…

March 30, 2020

Man Candy Monday #506

Few people can wear that color of mustard yellow…you did notice what he was almost wearing, didn’t you? Thirst is high with this one 🙂

March 28, 2020

Saturday Surprise — Sneak Peek of WANT YOU TO WANT ME!

Want You To Want Me, book 2 in the Want You series, doesn’t release until August, but here’s a sneak peek at Nolan Lund and Gabi Welk’s love story! Nolan’s point of view: The last place I wanted to go at nine p.m. on a Monday night was Lakeside, the ice rink Jax owned. But…

March 23, 2020

Man Candy Monday #505

Nice view from behind even though it appears he’s staring at the end of the world…  

March 21, 2020

Saturday Surprise — Bread recipe!

I’ve been baking bread for a few years. I have a ton of bread baking cookbooks, but this is the recipe I keep coming back to because it is so easy. It’s a combination of the recipe from Ken Forkish’s wonderful bread BIBLE — Flour Water Salt Yeast — and my own experimentation with other…

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