January 23, 2021

Saturday Surprise — Lorelei’s MUST SEE TV

Normally I keep my What I Watched list until the monthly wrap-up…but I absolutely couldn’t wait to share this series I stumbled across on Netflix. CRASH LANDING ON YOU — might be the best series I have ever seen. It has EVERYTHING — a stoic, sweet hard hero that kicks ass as easily as he…

January 18, 2021

Man Candy Monday #547

Any volunteers to help him melt that snow away?  

January 16, 2021

Saturday Surprise — Can’t make this shit up

With all that’s been going on in our country the past 10 days, my anger is roiling and my concentration is for shit. Which means I’ve been obsessively crafting and listening to audiobooks, so I was at a loss as what to post today. Then THIS gem came across my Twitter feed:   Don’t know…

January 11, 2021

Man Candy Monday #546

He’s so hot the forest behind him is smoking….

January 9, 2021

Saturday Surprise — What’s 2021 got in store for you?

THANK YOU to everyone who commented last week and shared what you’d been up to over December. I do read every comment 🙂 The winner for the audible gift card is: Debra Guyette!! Email me – lorelei@ loreleijames.com to get your prize! What a spectacularly awful week — so let’s do something fun. I found…

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