July 24, 2021

Happy Birthday To Me!

Ooh, I’m 56 today. That used to seem old — haha — I don’t feel like an old lady 🙂 Let’s talk birthdays — My favorite birthday was the year I turned 10 in 1975, when we lived in Texas for a year. With 6 of my friends, we spent the (hot) afternoon at the…

July 19, 2021

Man Candy Monday #573

Oh hello….yes I’ll take your hand…and lick those water droplets off those amazing SHOULDERS

July 17, 2021

Saturday Surprise — Ice Ice Baby…

Cryptic enough for you? So here’s the deal: We have an ice machine in our bar. It was the one thing I desperately wanted to the point that I agreed to forgo a refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser when we remodeled our kitchen (marriage is about compromise, right?) So 2 years ago, our…

July 12, 2021

Man Candy Monday #572

And that is the perfect V-cut 😍

July 10, 2021

Monthly Wrap-Up – June in the rearview and a contest!

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! Ours was so fun I didn’t want it to end! But alas, the family is all gone back to their respective homes now, so it’s just me, Mr. James and Copper. Speaking of Copper…this is his usual spot on the boat. It’s out of the sun and away…

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