Jul 23

Western Wednesday #148

This rock formation is found here in the Black Hills on the popular Needles Highway. Look closely. Yeah, maybe I just have a dirty mind, but I’m thinking this should formation should be rdnamed Cock Rock or perhaps….Needle Dick :)

needles highway

Jul 21

Man Candy Monday #364

No words, really, for this man’s physical perfection.

furry chest and rain


Jul 18

Friday Funny #219

True dat…

I'm a writer

Jul 16

Western Wednesday #147

I need this T-shirt…

shot of whiskey

Jul 14

Man Candy Monday #363

I count an 8-pack…

lighted torso shot


Jul 11

Friday Funny #218

alcohol sign

Jul 09

Western Wednesday #146

To celebrate the 16 books in the Rough Riders series, my friend Larri had this bracelet made for me with all of the book covers–isn’t it awesome?


Jul 07

Man Candy Monday #362

 He’s got it ALL going on, doesn’t he?all wet

Jul 02

Western Wednesday #145

A friend and reader, Wendy, had these white chocolate dipped Oreos custom made for me to celebrate the end of the Rough Riders series. Doesn’t it look like the McKay brand was made to go on an Oreo?

Mckay brand Oreo large

Jun 30

Man Candy Monday #361

I might actually watch baseball if they dressed like this…

baseball hunk

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