Weird Saturday Post after a sad week…

March 27, 2021

First off, my heart aches for Boulder, Colorado after the horrible event that took place there this week.

The picture I posted last week? I took as we were on our way to Boulder. We have a couple of favorite stores in that city and we try to get there whenever we’re in Denver, so that’s probably why the murder spree hit shocked us–because we’d just been there two days before. Add in the fact the shooter bought the gun only a few blocks from our daughter’s house in Arvada…shudder.

We also said our goodbyes to our son-in-law’s dog, Sammy, while we visited last weekend, knowing they’d made the hard decision to send their beloved pet over the rainbow bridge…

Then children’s author Beverly Cleary passed on — I couldn’t believe she was 104!

Then wonderful western author Larry McMurtry passed on too — I couldn’t believe he was only 84.

So, like I said, it’s been a very sad week and I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

STILL no update on when I get my vaccine. I finally checked the SD Healthcare website and they basically said., if you’re registered, DON’T register again — it won’t get you moved up in line and we’ll contact you when it’s your time. I don’t understand why some households are getting vaccinated, but I couldn’t get stuck when Mr. James got his? Weird.

This post is late today because I watched the Colorado Avalanche game. If they would’ve won (they lost to the Las Vegas Knights 3-2 in OT) they would’ve taken first place in the NHL West Division. But, happily, they’re only one game out of taking first 🙂

Even the weather has been weird here. 50 one day and then it snowed last night and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 65.

SO tell me something good that happened to you this week. I’ll go first: my little granddaughter insisted that she needed to see YaYa (she can’t say Lolly yet) and I got to FaceTime with her yesterday, where she blew me kisses, tried to hug the phone, and squealed YAYA when she saw me on screen. Did my heart good!




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  1. Tambra Byrne said:

    I feel your frustration. I finally got my first vaccination shot on Wednesday. My husband had already had his 2nd shot 2 weeks before.


  2. Jenny Black said:

    Its been a weird week for so many people. Florida is opening up who can get the vaccine, but I’m probably waiting awhile longer until I get it through the base clinic.


  3. Mary Preston said:

    My absolute favorite book is LONESOME DOVE by Larry McMurtry – such a great loss.

    My daughter told me about Beverly Cleary. We still have some of her books on the shelf.

    Something good – my sister has just visited for a few days. Just wonderful!!


  4. Judith said:

    I’m sorry for the losses and sad things happening to you and your family.

    The 1 good thing for us is that we got our new car today.
    But I would still trade that in a heartbeat for no more shooting and to have our terribly missed Rottweiler Bruce back in our lives.
    Take care!


  5. Dana Zamora said:

    It’s a sad state we live in these day’s, puppy prayers to your family about their fur baby, hopefully the world will get better soon and you can get your vaccine,


  6. Roxanne Farrington said:

    Since I’ve lost almost 80lbs I went shopping today! Went from a 24w to a regular size 16! It was amazing!😍


    1. Janice said:

      It’s always sad to lose a pet, and even sadder to see so many people being harmed and killed.
      We had to have our beloved fifteen year old miniature schnauzer put down last week, and though he had a lot problems, it still hurt to say goodbye.
      At least spring is on the way, and hopefully brighter skies will bring a little more happiness into our lives as this virus (god willing), starts to fade once everyone has gotten the vaccine.
      I just tried a new Italian recipe for fish cooked in tomatoes with black olives and potatoes that my family said was excellent, so that felt pretty good. It’s always nice to feel appreciated! It’s the little things sometimes that make us feel good.


  7. Karen Harbur said:

    I’m sorry for your family’s loss and the scary closeness of your family to the tragedy in Boulder. Beverly Cleary was a very sad loss and I have to admit I’ve never read Mr. McMurtry. I still haven’t been able to get my vaccine but my good news is my Mother will be getting her 2nd shot on Tuesday.


  8. Susan L. Esber said:

    My husband had a TIA while driving our two grandsons home on the freeway. Lucky they all got home safe and hubby is fine. Plus – grandson #2 made the traveling baseball team, yay! Oh, our daughter got the new job she wanted! That’s my three good things.


  9. Jeanine L'Esperance said:

    It was a rough week all around I think. On the shot front, I got my first one on Monday. Second will be on 04/13. The good news here in Georgia is that everyone over 16 is not eligible for one, they just have to get an appointment. The bad news in Georgia is that the pinheads at the state capital passed a bunch of voting restrictions, I will stop there, cause this is not the place for my soapbox.


  10. Jennifer Beyer said:

    It’s such a small thing but my cauliflower seeds have sprouted. I’m so stinking excited! I stop and talk to them every day to tell them how happy I am and how cute they are.


  11. Beth Rail said:

    Please check with your local pharmacies that administer the vaccines to see if you can be placed on a list if they have doses left over. In Arkansas, they’ll vaccinate anyone who wants it, if they have doses they’re going to have to dispose of. After they’re thawed, they’re only good for so long.


  12. Michelle D Holden said:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your grand dog. I cannot believe Beverly Cleary was 104, what an amazing life. I can’t really say anything good happened this week, but I did begin rereading the Rough Rider Series last week. I’m only on Book 2. It’s funny no matter how many times I read the series I pick up new things that I either missed or ones that stand out more with this reread.


  13. Caroline said:

    We came back to MA from our vacation in FL on Monday. Got tested first thing Tuesday morning and results came back negative on Wednesday! Got 2 extra days of relaxing at home while waiting for the results. And we were so lucky to have picked North Miami Beach instead of South Miami Beach, so we missed all the rioting, too!


  14. Caroline said:

    PS I read Want You to Want Me while we were in Fl…it was awesome!


  15. Ellen Bartel said:

    Oddly, nothing exciting is going on in my life this week except that my dad has received his 2nd vaccination, a little late but great!
    Tomorrow the hubby and I are taking our son and a few of his friends to the Basketball Hall of Fame. That should be a fun time.


  16. Shelly Hester said:

    My office is administering COVID vaccine. You want to come to Alabama, I’ll hook you up. 😉


  17. Anne Fortunato said:

    After a year of eating alone, I started to have dinner with my sister again since we are both vaccinated. It was GREAT!!


  18. Pam said:

    Our little grandson hit 6 months and his Grandpa (my SO) hit 52, so it was time of celebrating births. I took a day out of my life to “Uber” my parents to a doctors visit in the Bay Area. The look of gratitude on their faces as they realized the stress it put my father under to get my mom to her critical appointments was not there made it worth the minor disruption to my work week. And the week ended warm enough to have dinner in the backyard last night. Today, I’ll start that summer glow as the day hits nearly 80.


  19. Judy Cohen said:

    My heart hurts when I hear of another shooting. This is heartbreaking.

    I had dinner with my son, daughter-in-law and my two grandchildren last night. All are happy and healthy. This was the highlight of my week.

    Everyone stay healthy and safe.


  20. Elisa A said:

    Hi Lorelei. I devoured all of the stories about Ramona when I was a kid, almost 45 yrs ago now… My mom used to cut my hair for me, and I insisted that it be cut just like Ramona’s. Good memories! I had no idea how old she was until I saw it on the news that she had passed.
    Something good for me this week: I made brisket for the first time. It was on sale and I’ve always wanted to try. I found 3 recipes online, and I came up with my own spice rub using them as a guideline. It was FANTASTIC! It was a 3lb roast. My hubby and I ate more than half in the first sitting. And then ate the rest 2 days later. It was way more than we needed, but it was too good to stop. 🙂
    Something else good: I made a shrimp, chicken, sausage gumbo the day after the brisket. I used to make it often, and I’m not sure why, but I haven’t made it in over 3 yrs. It took almost 5hrs to make, but it was SOOOOO good! We just finished the leftovers for dinner tonight.
    And with the warmer weather late last week, I was able to get a head start on cleaning the dead leaves out of the flower garden. I also brought my camera out with me, so I was able to get a few good shots of ladybugs and honey bees. 🙂
    Hugs for everyone! I hope y’all have a great week!


  21. Moran said:

    I got a raise and a Passover gift from work 🥳🥳


  22. Linda M Grove said:

    This week was also a very sad week for us. We had to bury our sister-in-law, in a very shocking death at 48. She died literally 6 days after her birthday. To say this week has been stressful is an understatement. However, the good news?? We got see our grandchildren for the first time in 3 years, so that was a blessing. Have to find the happy with the terrible sadness. Here’s hoping for better weeks to come that’s for sure.


  23. Haly said:

    My husband and I are lucky enough to be one dose down. My guy goes for his last Thursday and I go the following week. I live in Illinois (about 3 hours south of Chicago) and we’re having a hard time getting people vaccinated locally because all the folks from Chicago are driving down to get theirs. It’s a bit of a mess here but it does seem to be getting slightly better, so that’s a positive. My husband is a quadriplegic and I’m his only care giver and we had to wait until a new phase that including manufacturing to go get ours. I felt that’s really backwards but it is what it is, I guess.
    Best of luck and I hope you get that call soon!


  24. Kim B said:

    Got my first dose last week and sent Easter and birthday gifts to granddaughter in Detroit who I miss dearly since we’ve not been able to see her due to the Covid. Granddaughters are awesome that’s for sure we have 3 more who we do get to see since their not in a hot zone like Michigan. God’s greatest gift to parents were grandkids.


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