Saturday Surprise….what’s an anti-bucket list?

March 13, 2021

THANKS to everyone who stopped by and left a comment last week! I love hearing what you’ve all been up to 🙂 

Karen Harbur won the signed copy of the cookbook and she’s been notified. Congrats to Karen!

Okay, I found this…someplace and thought it was an interesting challenge:

It honestly didn’t take me long to come up with my “never again” activity and that is…scuba diving. We took a 6 week scuba diving class here in South Dakota with some friends so we were certified before we took a vacation to Cozumel, Mexico. While the dives in Mexico were interesting, beautiful and surreal, I didn’t love the activity enough to pursue it again. Snorkeling was enough for me.

Okay, peeps, share what would be on your anti-bucket list!

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  1. Marina Marinova said:

    That’s a tough one. But I think I won’t go on the ZipLine at the Rio Hotel in Vegas. I’ve done it once and being in a tiny seat not feeling incredibly secure around 200m above ground doesn’t sound like fun anymore.

    Though, who knows. As they say, never say never


  2. Maureen Brasel said:

    Ride a roller coaster. The one and only time I did, after I got off I was shaking so hard I shook my coke all over my jeans!


  3. Janice Clark said:

    get a tattoo. I have one and an glad I got it but have no desire to do it again. owwww


  4. DrTxsassenach said:

    Eat liver. In any form. Including foie gras.


  5. Michelle Wilson said:

    Drink taquila while on a moving boat!


  6. Lou Ann Hart said:

    Go on the underground tour of Seattle. After we started the tour the guide jokingly said look out for rats. I hate small rodents.


  7. Dar said:

    I really haven’t done a lot of things, I’m a proud homebody introvert, so there isn’t a long list to not do again, but the only thing that jumped into my brain was get married 🙂 Once was definitely enough!


    1. Batb said:

      My anti-bucket list would have to have to contain getting married. I’ve done it twice. I’m happy with who I’m married to and have been married to him for 30+ years. That said I would never do that again. Ever!!!
      Congratulations to Karen Harbur!! So happy for you!!!


  8. Sarah said:

    Caving ……. NEVER AGAIN ….. being dropped into a hole and then wandering around in the dark, under the ground for 8 odd hours with a fading head torch. No escape hatches or alternate ways out. Cold wet and just wanting it to be over ….. Home and a hot shower was my mantra to getting out of there. Being under the ground should only be for the dead.


  9. Doretta said:

    No more down hill or cross country skiing. Don’t like cold, snow or ice any more.


  10. Erin Bajcar said:

    Babysit a snake for a friend.


  11. Donna J Greene said:

    Ride on a motorcycle. My first ride the person in charge of the bike was angry. He ended up scaring the bejesus out of me. That was a lot of years ago and still the thoughts of getting on one causes PTSD.


  12. Anne Stevens said:

    Elope with someone I hardly dated (and mostly long distance dating). Not that it turned out bad cause we are still married with kids and all 17 years later. But it caused so much stress on the families, and our first few years were super hard. And we all know marriage isn’t easy even when you date for years in person. So yeah…I wouldn’t elope lol.


  13. Jennifer Beyer said:

    I will never visit the desert during blooming season ever again! It gave me such horrible allergies that I couldn’t even enjoy my trip. And I ended up with a raging sinus infection that took forever to treat.


  14. Jeanine Lesperance said:

    I think I would go with roller coasters, All that shaking and jerking might be a little much at this point in my life. I used to love them


  15. Txsassenach said:

    Eat liver. In any form. Including foie gras.


  16. LINDA MCCOY said:

    I’m afraid of heights but I went up in a Derek on a rig once. I would never do it again. I shook so bad coming down I had to have help.


  17. Karen Harbur said:

    Water skiing, I fell and the ski hit my head so hard I felt like I was unconscious for a moment. I’ve been afraid to go into water deeper than my hips ever since.


  18. Michelle Holden said:

    Let my sister in law dye my hair again. She missed so many spots! NOR will I every dye my hair black again, I am very fair skinned and looked like a walking corpse!

    I also did a cruise that went down to Mexico and did the scuba excursion and another excursion going on the banana boats, mind you I really cannot swim. I can dog paddle a bit but dumb place to try that!


  19. Stephanie said:

    I will never stay in a teepee ever again! It was Arkansas and the temps were 108 degrees that weekend. It had ac but it couldn’t keep up. It was husbands idea. Needless to say I will never join him again on a bucket list adventure. Lol


  20. Nan D. said:

    I will NEVER again take a canoe ride through Old Santee Canal Park in SC. The whole time I was drifting along all I could think about was alligators & snakes that I KNOW are in that water. They have a reptile exhibit that houses all kinds of snakes native to SC. Right inside the door as you go in is a HUGE alligator. I can’t remember if it’s a replica or stuffed. I think I have blocked that information in my head. But I know there are alligators in SC that are big enough to swallow me whole.


  21. Debra Bard said:

    Never have bunion surgery again. No one tells you about the what happens after the surgery. 6 weeks recovery and your foot never feels the same. Oh, and the bunion comes back.


  22. Dawn See said:

    Never again will I eat grilled asparagus. Tasted like I think grilled dirt would. Yuck!


  23. Ellen Bartel said:

    My anti bucket list is a short one bungee jumping. But I’d like to sky dive… interesting right? I’m afraid of the bungee breaking. I probably would not scuba dive either since I’m afraid of sharks.


  24. Susan L. Esber said:

    Go for a tour of Hoover Dam at 3 AM.


  25. Stacia Smith said:

    Never go skiing again. I went as a child and it was not fun at all. I fell so many times and got stuck on an ice patch.


  26. Sharon said:

    Move to Texas I moved there for 2 years and hated every moment of it it’s a very hot dry flat place I live where there’s hills


  27. Tiss Johnson said:

    Get Remarried. Once was enough for me. I have a good person, with whom I work and spend time with, but getting remarried? Not this chick.


  28. Pam said:

    I have the same one, scuba diving. Tried it in Hawaii and had an awful experience – poor equipment and non-sympathetic instructor. Will continue to snorkel – love that.


  29. Elisa A said:

    Get a perm! I am Chinese, so I have super straight hair. Even my bangs stick straight down, but sort of away from my face, never sits nicely on my forehead. Any little bit of curl I have, I do through the curling iron, with a lot of work. Seriously, it takes 5+ minutes to get my bangs to curl right.

    When I was in my 20s, I let my brother talk me into getting a perm. A girl he was dating worked as a hairdresser at Hudson’s Bay. I later learned he was trying to impress her by letting her wok on my hair, because they worked on commission!?! My hair was long, almost to my butt. When she was done, it was not much past my shoulders!! She put such tight curls in my hair! It looked awful, it was so poufy, and it was a nightmare to comb out! It took me a long time to forgive my brother for that! Never again!!!


  30. Joy ISLEY said:

    I thought it would be interesting to see where I lived form a bird’s eye view..
    I went for a hot air balloon ride. And me, afraid of heights.
    It was not that enjoyable-was eerie since it was so quiet up there. I could not wait to get on the ground. Oh well, been there done that as they say.

    I did see my house-good looking roof and yard!


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