Western Wednesday

July 12, 2017

Western Wednesday #195

My daughter snapped a pic of this sign when she was out and about in the hills of western South Dakota 🙂 #westernwednesday #loreleijames

March 15, 2017

Western Wednesday #194

This post should be titled Wacky Weather. I took this picture on Saturday, when all of the pine trees and plants and even the fences were covered with a beautiful, icy frost. Today the temperature is supposed to reach 68 degrees and those temps are to continue through the weekend. Guess I won’t need to…

March 1, 2017

Western Wednesday #193


February 1, 2017

Western Wednesday #192

Mr. James snapped this pic after midnight at Devil’s Tower last week. He knows how much I love the place 🙂

December 21, 2016

Western Wednesday #191

Cool wreath that one might find out West. Or perhaps on the front door of Mercy, the sniper character I write in the Mercy Gunderson mystery series under the name Lori Armstrong 🙂

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