Saturday Surprise — the late edition!

June 20, 2020

Hey peeps. Sorry about the late posting for this — today was my daughter’s bridal shower and I completely lost track of time! Plus the grandbaby is here too, so I was busy having tea parties this morning with her 🙂

So the surprise for today is just pics of my flowers. I had some iris bloom this year that have never bloomed before, which is exciting for me. Also, this is the first year my lone surviving peony plant bloomed! Yay! I lost 7 perennial plants this year due to…who knows what. Only 2 of my 10 Asian lilies bloomed and that’s because we had VOLES this winter  and they feasted on my lily bulbs to I’m so bummed I won’t have many lilies this year 🙁

Here is a compilation of some of what I’ve snapped pics of with my new phone — which takes amazing pics!

And these:

Did you have anything new bloom this year?

Sorry for the late post — I hear my little grand daughter calling me and I gotta track down paper plates for supper 🙂

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  1. Anne Stevens said:

    Those are beautiful. I had this plant that was just leaves for years. Had no idea what it was. Last fall, I moved it to a new location cause green stripes on the leaves look too cool to toss. And this spring, it turned out to be an iris! It smelled like grape candy. I’m told it was iris pallida or sweet iris. Wowza. I had no idea they could smell like that!


  2. Jennifer Beyer said:

    Beautiful! Our garden doesn’t look so hot this year. Maybe we can bring it back next year.


  3. Robbi Minden said:

    I had some lovely yellow peonies, Japanese irises, siberean irises, day lilies, lucifer and poppies. I took pictures of most of them but this format won’t let me post them.


  4. Linda Holmes said:

    Those are pretty.

    My mom has some iris’es but I forgot to look at them. The last time I saw them they were not open yet.



  5. Ellen Bartel said:

    Your flowers are beautiful. Isn’t fun taking pictures of them? I got some new daisies this year! Daisies are my favorite flower. My peonies have really reproduced this year. I have to try to spread them out.


  6. Stacy G said:

    Beautiful! I love flowering plants and went overboard this year. I have Osteospermum, columbine, lobelia, dianthus, vincas, petunias, begonias, daisies and a few others.


  7. Bobbie Sue Kearse said:

    Beautiful flowers 💐 o


  8. Tiss Johnson said:

    LOVE your flowers. I just planted my Moss Roses for this year and they were blooming in the containers until I transplanted them, now, not so much….
    Enjoy the Granddaughter!!!


  9. Karen Reigle said:

    Beautiful flowers. I don’t have much of a green thumb. I am just proud my tomatoes and cucumbers look amazing!


  10. Maritza said:

    Beautiful flowers. Nothing blooming in my yard. But I did get a Tattoo(my 1st) of a Hibiscus on my ankle for my 53rd Birthday, I guess it’s a new bloom


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