Saturday Surprise — SILVER-TONGUED DEVIL released this week!

June 13, 2020

Just in case you hadn’t heard, Silver-Tongued Devil, a new installment in the Rough Riders series released this week! It is a prequel, a historical set in 1897, the love story of Silas McKay and Dinah Thompson, the origin of the McKay family in Wyoming. But the unique thing? I wrote this as a complete standalone, so new readers don’t have to read the previous 20 installments of the Rough Riders series to enjoy this book! So peeps, I’d love it if you’d share this news far and wide, since this book dropped as a surprise to my readers and it had no preorder and no buzz — I just wanted to get it out as soon as possible!

I am working on getting the print edition uploaded and the audio book company has the final file for recording! Here are the buy links:

Kindle —

nook —

iBooks —

kobo —

google play —

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  1. Kathleen O said:

    I have it on my Kindle and I can’t wait to read it.


  2. Karen Harbur said:

    I have Silver-Tongued Devil on my NOOK and I’m starting today. I’m sorry to hear that Rebecca Estrella wasn’t available for the audiobook but I’ll be watching for updates on the pre-order from Audible. Thanks for the surprise book and revisiting one of my favorite series. Now I want it to be August for Want You to Want Me 😍


  3. Donna said:

    Silver-Tongued Devil was perfect! I read it so quickly the first time, I think I need to read it again. Silas and Dinah, Jonas and Ruby were perfect for each other. I loved that the ladies weren’t shrinking violets as women of that era are thought to be. I believe many women were just as outspoken as Dinah and Ruby but the press and others during that time just didn’t want to go against the status quo.


  4. Rose Marie Wright said:

    When I purchased “Cowboy Take Me Away” it took me 6 weeks to start reading it because I knew this would be “the end” and I didn’t want it to be over. All of my books are print so can’t wait for published edition. I’m waiting


  5. Tiss Johnson said:

    Love all your books. EVERY DAMN ONE of them. Thanks for keeping us in reading material and for lighting the fire in my desire to read again.


  6. Moran said:

    Silver Tongued Devil is my favourite book of 2020 !!!
    I’m so happy I took a day off to read it on Tuesday .


  7. Darra said:

    This book has clung to me like young lovers cling to one another when they discover how good it first feels to be held. This is without hesitation my favorite on the series. I don’t know how to move on from this story. It is perfection. Totally worthy of your time.


  8. Michelle D Holden said:

    I am taking my sweet time reading this and loving EVERYTHING about this book. I hope to finish tonight or tomorrow.


  9. Karen McAbee said:

    It’s SOOOOOO GOOD!!! I finished it way too quickly. Definitely on the re-read list!


  10. Willa said:

    I did not want to put this book down it was so enthralling! Really enjoyed the story of Silas and Dinah and Jonas and Ruby


  11. SARAH TAYLOR said:

    Can’t wait for the print I love reading print books!


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