Saturday Surprise — Saturday Six!

June 27, 2020

Happy weekend! I’ve been mired in wedding details….D3 gets married TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! Eep. I think we’re ready. Mostly. Still waiting on confirmation from a few people–we will have safety protocols in place which is a whole nother layer to worry about with the wedding.

Anyway, I’m late posting again because I finally got a hair appointment. It’d been 6 months since I’d seen my hairdresser. While I sat in the chair, I came up with 6 Totally Random Things About Me:

  1. The first record/tape/CD I ever owned — was a 45RPM of Billy Don’t Be A Hero that I bought for $1.27. Yes, I remember the price since I had to borrow the .27 from my mom because I only had a dollar with me.
  2. If I could only watch one TV show for the rest of my life it would be — The X-Files. Or maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or Alias. Or…yeah, this wasn’t a great question, because I’d rather watch nothing than have to watch the same thing over and over.
  3. The most unusual item in my home is — buffalo skulls. We have 6 hanging up at various places, all different colors, all plated by my talented husband. We also have 6 more in the garage.
  4. The one thing I refuse to pay someone else to do for me — my nails. I’ve never been one of those “nail people” mostly because our daughters were all string players and had to have short fingernails so in solidarity for 20 years, I kept my nails short too. Then after the lost daughter moved out, I started doing my own nails — dip powder — and I’m happy doing it myself 🙂
  5. My first job besides babysitting — was cleaning motel rooms, aka cabins, up at the local campground. Not fun. Not the work itself, but the situation. My immediate boss (a woman) was having an affair with her boss (a man) who owned the campground and I caught them going at it a couple of times–then I had to look the boss’s wife in the eyes and I didn’t have the life experience to deal with it. Also, the family that lived right behind the campground, well….the dad beat his children. I could hear them crying, I could hear him yelling (and this was first thing in the morning) but I couldn’t *do* anything about it because I was only 14 and my boss said to forget about it and to not get involved. Still saddens me to this day to think about those poor kids
  6. When I was a kid I used to be afraid of — tornados. We lived in eastern South Dakota, in a trailer, and whenever the sirens went off in the middle of the night it freaked me out, especially when we had to go to the trailer court owners’ house and cower in the basement. Then I’d have dreams of people I loved turning into tornados…so I HATED the movie Twister  even as an adult 🙁

So, weird post today, but a few new things you might not have known about me! Until next week…


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  1. Carol E Serafini said:

    interesting….hope all goes well with the wedding. I’m sure it will be beautiful


  2. Janice Clark said:

    Congrats to D3. Enjoy the moment! 😉


  3. Linda Holmes said:

    1. My first job was baby sitting and working at the family business. I was 15.

    2. I will never forget the day the weather changed all within an hour. I was in high school Freshmen year. We were having a bad storm that day, we were watching out the window towards are track and it started hailing, I had a radio with me. The minute I turned it on they said tornado warning, then the lights flickered and went off. I saw it, it was a small tornado and had a piece of wood at the bottom of it. (2 x 4) yeah I saw the size. When it was over we got to go home the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees. This is one day I will never forget. (March 16, 1976). I read a book called Mercy in the Sky, the story of a Tornado. Moore, OK It was a very good book I had to put it down a couple of times. I guess this one seemed like I was there because I watched it form while watching the Weather Channel.

    3. I do my own nails too. As for my hair its time to get it cut, but I will not go to a hair dresser yet.

    4. The Supremes (with Dianna Ross) Stoned Love (1970) my first 45RPM. I do not remember the price, and fifty years later I still have this record.

    Every time I read something of yours it brings back some memories.


    1. Debra Bard said:

      First job other than babysitting was a packaging company. You know those free cosmetic kits you get when you purchase cosmetics? We placed the items in the correct slot in the kit. It was on a conveyor belt. Kind of like Lucy in the candy factory without the candy.

      I don’t do my nails.

      First record? … 98.6. I don’t remember who the band was. I paid .99. We didn’t even have a record player. I would bring it to my grandmother’s house. Carried it during the drive to her house played it over and over.


  4. Michelle D Holden said:

    I was also a baby sitter,(I was 13) I babysat my baby cousin, got $45 a week, got to keep $10 and put the other $35 in the bank for 2 summers. I remember one of my first purchases was an album by The Runaways – Joan Jett’s first band (All girls and it was a great album). My first “job-paying taxes” – (aged 16) was a busgirl at a restaurant a couple miles down the road, called Los Rancheros they used to have rodeos in the arena once a month. I liked that job I received a wage and tips and always had money in my pocket.

    I have pictures of flowers-mostly black & white and or x-ray ones around the house, but I LOVE moose and my downstairs bathroom is like a shrine to Moose. I also have tons of fake plants (the green thumb my mom has skipped me) any real plant that comes to me I swear is on a suicide mission/watch.

    I used to have 2 beloved beagles that have since passed on and have lots of beagle things. I now have a basset hound (Long story but the first time I saw him was at night and it was by a campfire and I thought he was a beagle) My neighbors could not keep him and I “rescued” him from them-no they were not mean to him just had 3 small kids, 2 dogs and he was too much, so I took him in and changed his name from Charlie to Murphy–I almost named him McKay 😀 He is a total little basshole but I love the shit out of this dog.

    Remember to relax and enjoy the wedding as the rush and last minute things pop up!


  5. Bobbie Sue Kearse said:

    I am on Vancouver island now and I grew up in the mountains, so behind here I now have to deal with earthquakes. Which is scary shit!


  6. SARAH TAYLOR said:

    Congratulations to D3 ! I remember the 45RPM records Thanks for sharing the post ! My first job I had was babysitting my cousins kids !


  7. Karen McAbee said:

    Being born and raised in Kansas, I hated the movie Twister, too!!!


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