Saturday Surprise — May Flowers!

May 2, 2020

April showers bring may flowers….or in our case in South Dakota, April SNOW finally melts to allow the flowers to bloom.

I’ve been writing all week and as my reward today, I’m spending all day outside cleaning out my flower beds. I’m hesitant to do it too early because…snow, but also, I wait until I see bees buzzing around. That means the insects needed to pollinate the posies are up and out doing Mother Nature’s bidding.

Look at this big, fat, happy bumblebee πŸ™‚

I planted these grape hyacinths only 2 years ago and they’ve already spread beautifully. I planted them in a circle around the pine trees because little else will grow there.

I *believe* the difference between jonquils and daffodils is daffodils are one solid color and jonquils have 2 or more colors. Here’s a jonquil- only the 2nd year it’s bloomed

This isn’t a great pic of the daffodil πŸ™ I think it needs water

I don’t remember what this little yellow flower is — you can see how small the bloom is by the size of my finger in the background. Does anyone know what it is?

And last, but certainly not least – MY PEAR TREE IS IN BLOOM! Last year a late snow froze every bloom off every one of my fruit trees and I didn’t have a single piece of fruit. It was pretty disheartening because we had the wettest summer I can remember and it would’ve been a spectacular year for peaches, pears, plums and apples.

My lily-of-the-valley are up, but so far not a single bloom. The iris are up too, but that’s usually late May blooms for us up here in the north. I am worried about other bulbs I have planted — for some reason we had voles this winter. Lots of voles apparently, they left big tracks all over our yard and my fear was they got into my bulb garden. I guess when I start cleaning out today we’ll see how much digging damage there is. My sunburst locust tree, which is in that same garden, isn’t looking too good either and I worry the damn things ate the roots of that one. There’s really no cure for voles except for poison and I hate the thought of Copper somehow getting into it, or voles crawling under my deck to die and then there’s the stink and mess of that, so I’ll just…let it go for now. Anyone has vole removal tips, I’m all ears.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I’d planned to share a recipe for no-bake cookies, that I was going to make last night. But Mr. James came home from the store with an ENTIRE cheesecake and the last thing I needed around was more tempting chocolately goodness.

***BONUS*** My favorite joke when I was a kid: If April showers bring May flowers…what do May flowers bring?…..wait for it….PILGRIMS


Have a lovely weekend everyone! I’ll probably get sunburnt, but I will HAPPILY take that chance today!


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  1. Trina Ogg said:

    I wish the flowers were blooming here up in Canada. Snow is finally gone but it hasn’t warm up enough for our flowers to start blooming.


  2. Babette said:

    Very pretty flowers. So many different kinds/names I can’t keep up either. Some of mine are blooming too! Yesterday my daughter and I cleaned out weeds and put down mulch. It looks better now. So glad weather is getting warmer.


  3. Moran said:

    Beautiful flowers.

    I hope you’ll have fruits from your trees this year 🀞🀞


  4. Stacy G said:

    Love the bulb flowers. Mine came up super early this year. And didn’t last long because we got frost afterwards. πŸ˜•. Love the joke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  5. kc said:

    I went hunting for the definition of narcissus, jonquils & daffodils as I know they’re all inter-related: Says narcissus is the genus that they all fit into, altho most folks think of the paperwhites we force during the winter for the bloom…forgetting the smell…then praying for the bloom to finish and end the smell! The difference between jonquils & daffodils is the leaf shape. Jonquils are more tubular; daffodils are flatter.

    I knew it wasn’t the colors or bicolors: I used to volunteer at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden & they do spring flowers beautifully; I often worked the garden shop during the spring flowers time & I had to learn the answers to many garden things! Bad was when I didn’t recognize an Oakleaf Hydrangea that was in full leaf…whoops! Poor fella had to wait about half an hour for someone else to come answer that one. But I was able to tell him of a good shop to go buy water lilies so I think he forgave me!

    Grape hyacinths are so pretty; I always enjoy them! Our lily of the valley doesn’t normally bloom here in SW Ohio until late May & it may be delayed this year with our cool spring. Good luck with the voles; we’re fighting moles—just as annoying! I gave up on tulips years ago; they like to eat those bulbs! I used to plant daffodils in their tunnels because they’re poisonous…dang things left them alone…but the daffodils did great! I hope it all goes well with your trees this year!


  6. Leigh said:

    Those flowers are beautiful I love the purple grape flowers


  7. Kaci Saiz said:

    Beautiful flowers!! As to the voles, we have Prairie Dogs here, and my cousins used to set up at the edges of the fields and shoot them with a 22 rifle. My Grandma used to sit of the porch and shoot the moles & voles with a .22 Derringer. You might see if there is someone locally who would trap or shoot them, as they are nuisance rodents some places actually have a bounty (a few dollars) per tail or carcass.


  8. Linda Holmes said:

    My Daffodils have come and are gone already. Now my tulips are open. I have another plant is also a bulb flower, but it will be about June when the flower will bloom and I don’t remember the name of them.



  9. SARAH TAYLOR said:

    Love your flowers they are so pretty My daughter has been cleaning out our flower beds here in Ohio we have been getting so much rain I love the purple flowers as they are my favorite color Hope you have a bunch of fruit this year on your trees!


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