Saturday Surprise — I might be kidnapped if….

May 23, 2020


We are in Denver with the grandbaby, who is walking (running really) and talking and just turned one year old! Hard to believe, also hard to believe is how much she’s changed since we last saw her 3 months ago 😲

So this is a short post — but feel free to play along and substitute family or friends for followers in your comment 😝



I’m sitting in the Starbucks kiosk of my local Safeway store sipping a huge pumpkin spice latte and munching on a fried fish sandwich while reading a Nicolas Sparks novel and humming along to Coldplay songs drifting from the overhead speakers…

Your turn! 

PS – I know I asked you all to post pictures of the crafts you’re working on, without realizing the only one who can post pictures is…me. So if you want to share, join my Lorelei James Facebook chat group! Just mention in your post you follow me on the blog.




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  1. Shirley Long said:

    Well, I’d be royally screwed because I don’t have a social media account of any kind.

    I despise how everyone puts their entire life, from what they’re eating, to where they are, to who they’re dating, to just whatever, out there for the whole world to see. Especially my kids/grandkids. They tend to forget that once it’s out there, it’s there forever and some of the things they say are stupid and ignorant. My husband has an account and that’s fine, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

    I do lose out on a lot of contests and things from authors but I just can not bring myself to do it. So……………………………guess I’d just be kidnapped forever because no one would even realize I was gone if I had to depend on social media. 🙂 🙂


    1. Kandy D said:

      If I posted to my Facebook account that would catch my kids attention (I have nothing on mine 😉 ) and if I said I was eating sushi and enjoying it – they would know!!!


  2. Stacy B. said:

    Oh boy….
    I called in sick to work today. Spending the day with Jim had sushi for lunch. Later we are selling all my books & then going to the gym.


  3. Ruthie said:

    I’m going for a run.


  4. Erin Bajcar said:

    It’s Saturday and I’m cleaning house.



  5. Donna said:

    I didn’t know about your aversion to Safeway, fish, and Coldplay but the others would immediately tip me off that you were in trouble.

    As for me, if my posts mention camping or hiking something is wrong.


  6. Donna Shaw said:

    I have the day to myself, so I’be decided to spend the day at the gym. I’ll be running the track and treadmill, spinning and weights. Of course, I’ll be swimming laps afterwards, so I won’t be available.
    This post would certainly sound an alarm.


  7. Maritza said:

    I’d post that I’m camping and having a great time.
    I do not ever go camping because I “m not into it so everyone who knows me will know something is very wrong.


  8. Charlene George said:

    Can’t do anything on Facebook, I’m in Facebook jail for 30 days. Somebody got butt hurt about something I posted. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I thought we had freedom of speech under the first amendment! Only if it’s politically correct….we’ll fuck that.


  9. Anne Stevens said:

    “Owning a pet is stupid. I never have and never will. It is pointless and a waste of time and resources.”

    This from an animal lover who has owned horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, and gerbils… Let’s hope the kidnappers haven’t looked at my pictures haha.


  10. Michelle said:

    Hello All my Sweetie Pie Shnookums! Just enjoying a day of “window shopping” in WalMart, but it’s really hot today. Might head to the dairy to get a huge glass of ice-cold-milk. Then off to help Ashley from next door with her calculus homework!!! Really craving garlic shrimp…


  11. Michelle D Holden said:

    Hi getting ready to go to the place I love the most work. Then I’m gonna go for a run.

    Enjoy your time with your family!


  12. Bobbie Sue Kearse said:

    Mine would be : I’m just sitting here thinking that a creamsicle would be great to have with us watching the omen and eating quinoa. Lol I hate all these things


  13. Patty said:

    Just had a wonderful dinner with friend…Liver and onions, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and Cauliflower. And for dessert, German chocolate cake and Coconut cream pie!


  14. Rhona said:

    Yours works for me don’t drink coffee never go to Starbucks



    Hi everyone, just catching up with Dean having a mad pig out on oysters and mussels he’s trying to convince me that I love chocolate like WTF!!! We’re about to go for a 10km jog while listening to some hip experimental Yoko Ono tunes 🙂 oh before I go does anyone know where to get a really good Sudoko book?
    Dean is my violent ex, Im a self confessed choc-aholic who despises any form of running, in fact if anyone sees me running you should run too it could be zombies, a murderous psychopathic killer, lions and tigers and bears or snakes and spiders :0 I hate mussels and oysters Yoko Ono’s pathetic excuse for music and Im useless at anything mathematical…this was fun <3


  16. Kelli said:

    Just finished the Saturday morning cleaning. I’m thinking we should get together with Maureen and Dean for some wine and cheese tonight. I’ll plan everything come over whenever you’re ready.


  17. Mary said:

    This actually happened a couple years ago. I casually commented on Facebook that I was out of bacon, and a few people commented back and forth. A friend of my daughter’s (who’d been to our house many times during high school) posted that it was obvious I was being held hostage somewhere, and this was a plea for help. I agreed with her.


  18. Kimmy Potts said:

    I no longer drink coffee in the morning, so feel free to talk my ear off because I wake up as a ray of sunshine.


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