Saturday Surprise — Another Beaded Pandemic Posy Pic!

May 16, 2020

Last week’s winners posted at the bottom of the page! THANK YOU everyone for the comments and for coming to my monthly wrap-up blog. I’m thrilled you all seem to care what I’ve been up to in my spare time and I love hearing what everyone else is doing for entertainment and just how life is going. I read every comment and I’d intended on commenting on every comment, but…I’m WRITING y’all, and I figured you’d be more excited that I’m back to slaving over a hot keyboard anyway 😝

Let’s talk…crafting! Almost as soon as I finished the beaded lily–I should call it the gilded lily! hahaha–project, I started on another beaded project. The problem was (is) that the project is HUGE. Like I had to buy another hoop, a big rectangular one, as well as a hand’s-free stand for it because there was no way my arms wouldn’t get tired if I attempted to hold that hoop for hours. I debated on spending the $$ on it, but I’ve purchased quite a few of these beading kits so I figured it’d be worth the investment. This pic gives you an idea of how BIG both the project and the stand is:

I found a semi-comfortable position and spent…oh, roughly 8 working hours ON ONE COLOR. Here’s a close up of what I accomplished:


Not a lot to show for those hours. The image will be gorgeous when finished, however…I’d intended to have my next pandemic posy done for my mom for Mother’s Day. I reluctantly put it aside, but to be honest, it is still attached to my hand’s-free stand and I sort of just keep moving it around my house. For inspiration, maybe?

I sorted through my kits, and opted for this one. It is called “Poppies and Chamomile” and the finished image is larger (6 X 8) than the lily image (5 X 5). I snapped a pic at the start of beading:

I did have the foresight to purchase the bundle of 5 various sizes of rectangular hoops, because this project required one too. The only drawback to these beaded projects is the entire image has to be in the hoop, I can’t move the hoop and work on smaller sections or else the hoop itself would pop the beads off. Since I’ve been writing during the day, I only worked on this project after 9:00 at night, with the exception of beading one entire day, which allowed me to sort through the plot problem I was having with the book. I didn’t keep track of how many hours this took me, mostly because it was so damn fun to work on I didn’t care! Side note: when my dad and husband studied the finished project last Sunday, they did the math as far as image size, bead size and beads per square inch and estimated there are 10,000 beads, which seems like a lot, but hey, I didn’t want to tell them their math was wrong 🙄



My mom loved it, which was the whole point! I’m happy with how it turned out, although at one point I thought I’d gotten the wrong color of beads in the kit because what looked like purple in the color guide was actually a clear bead — you might be able to see it in the centers of the poppies. The super weird thing? The picture on the box gives the impression those beads are purplish. They are obviously clear when the finished image is in hand…but when I took this picture? The clear beads look…purple. Weird. I will say that when I was working with the oranges and reds of the poppies, I had to rely on the pattern chart and not the printed colors on the fabric. The dark beads would shade the colored squares to the point no matter how much light I used, I couldn’t tell which orange I needed. Plus, it was a good lesson for me that it pays to follow the instructions.

I will be doing a couple of smaller projects next — gifts — because I love making these. It fills a creative side of me I’d been missing for years. I’ll be honest though, I sort of worry that not everyone would be thrilled with one of these as a gift…. So the question of the day (NO wrong answers) is if someone made one of these pandemic posy type crafts, would you smile politely and shove it in a closet because it doesn’t match the decor of your house? Or would you be happy to receive a hand-crafted gift and display it?

Ooh, if you’re a crafty person and have spent time doing crafts during the pandemic, post a picture in the comments! I love seeing what others are working on 💖

Until next week peeps — stay safe!


WINNERS from last week!

Sarah Taylor

Amanda Hendrix

Lisa Seiters

email to claim your prizes!

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  1. Karen Reigle said:

    Beautiful work. I wish I would have the patience for counter cross stitch. My mom just finished a quilt that she embroidered and quilted. I’m so jealous. Lol. Keep up the good work.!


  2. Yasmeen said:

    That is such a talented project! Honestly if I was gifted that I’d frame it and hang it up. I love gifts that people have took the time to create, and it shows how much they love you to give you their hard work.
    It’s not something Ive been doing during this quarantine time, but I love to paint and for each of my nieces and nephews I’ve painted their name either in Arabic calligraphy, normal Arabic writing or their nickname with some background art. I love seeing my sister hanging those pieces in their rooms, makes it super special!


  3. Anne Stevens said:

    Wow that beaded project is gorgeous!


  4. Sharon said:

    I love seeing your work. You have way more patience than me.


  5. Michele Ficht said:

    Those are beautiful. If I got one for a gift, I would find a way to incorporate it in a room.


  6. Jacey said:

    I would love any crafty gift and display it since even if it didn’t fit in my house, it would fit in my office at work. I have very eclectic taste and display what I like and others have given me. I see them as reminders of the people who care about me enough to take the time to make or purchase something for me.
    I haven’t heard of those beaded kits until seeing your beautiful ones! You’ve inspired me to look for one to do. But I’m not as ambitious as you to find any large ones. 😉


  7. Donna said:

    Your work is beautiful! People who are crafty in any way have my admiration because there’s not a craft gene in my body.


  8. Roxanne said:

    The blue iris look like ones my mom used to grow! Can’t wait to see the finished picture!


  9. Jenny said:

    Beautiful. I do counted cross stitch so I understand how much time those projects are taking.
    I actually just finished a cross stitch project the other day. I’d add a picture here but I can’t figure out how.


  10. Bobbie Sue Kearse said:

    Hey I love crafts but I suck at them. I prefer bacon


  11. Amanda Hendrix said:

    you are doing a beautiful job. I myself do cross stitch and chrocet. I am working on a blanket for my oldest daughter. I hopw to have it completed by Christmas this year.

    Keep up the good work ma’am


  12. Elizabeth H. said:

    Gorgeous! I love to cross stitch!


  13. Leigh said:

    Those are beautiful I remember when I was a child and my grandmother and great-grandmother sit there and taught us how to do needlepoint in in Cricket in it I still have some of them that we met when we were small you make me now want to pick it up and try doing it again LOL


  14. Kayla wright said:

    Your beaded projects are beautiful. I’m not at all crafty wish I was.
    If someone gave me one I would differently display it.


  15. Jennifer Beyer said:

    I love the beaded posy! It’s so beautiful!


  16. Barb Sandusky said:

    You are making some beautiful gifts. I would be the person who would be excited about getting that for a gift but I do know not everyone does. I am a crafter. I scrapbook, make cards, make signs, cross stitch, etc. It is getting harder to do cross stitch as I get older. I am just starting a project with hedgehogs. Can’t wait for it to be done!! I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed working out the plot problem in whatever it is your writing!! That means it will be an awesome read for us!!
    Have a great week!!!


  17. Eileen R said:

    You do beautiful work and that is a LOT of work. I’m not sure i have the patience to do an intricate project any longer. or the eyesight. LOL If i were to get one of these beautifully crafted i would definitely display it. I know from experience and how both my mother and mother-in-law show off my work that i do for them.


  18. Stacy Giordano said:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous!!


  19. Debra Bard said:

    Absolutely beautiful! When my children were small, and my eyesight was better, I did needlepoint and cross stitch.


  20. Hope said:

    I love the beaded cross stitch. Most arts gifts I will display, as they remind me how much someone loves me. I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch – I haven’t done anything lately. Last thing I made – probably a fleece bleacher blanket. Not real artistic, but practical.


  21. Michelle D Holden said:

    Those are beautiful. I love to make cards and scrapbook (I have so much stuff it looks like I used to own a store that went out of business.) Unfortunately, I have not made anything in ages, but I still buy stuff that I like. I am still working on a new sew blanket I was making for my sister in law for Christmas, yes of 2019. Thank God I do not use my dining room table as that is where it still is waiting to be finished. I made 10 and hers was the last one and my hands were killing me at that point and I keep intending to finish it, but have not. 🙁

    I did take the Tuesday & Wednesday off after Memorial Day, I will try to have it done by then… Ummm goals?

    Hope you have a wonderful day! Take Care!



    Beaded projects <3 I've been cyber stalking these on Facebook (I've been burnt before ordering stuff from Facebook companies). Well being honest posies aren't my go to pictures however, if someone went to all that trouble to make a poesy for me I'd be flattered. I'd find somewhere to display it if not in my home somewhere maybe at work or in the car. Prior to covid 19 I've been bugging my friend circle for someone to come to a macramé workshop. They're either not interested or our finances don't match up with a workshop. One friend gave me a macramé gift Christmas an owl keyring designed for beginners and kids I just finished it 🙂 so proud of myself haha. One of things that stops me doing craft is I don't have the proper space or tools/equipment. For example; I don't have space for a table where I live (self contained granny flat/unit under a house – it used to be a double garage) so I used a small butcher block chopping board. I didn't have masking tape or electrical tape to secure thread so I used a plumbers tape 🙂 lucky the cord was like a stiff waxy thread so the tape didn't pull threads loose.
    Oh damn damn damn !!! I have a new laptop and I don't know how to add a photo to this (not very computer savy unfortunately). My 51st birthday was in March didn't celebrate of course I received 1 gift a beginners Embroidery Kit, which includes: 15 cm hoop, 2 squares of fabric, 2 needles, 6 embroidery threads colours, 5 patterns and a 24 page book of instructions…I've never tried embroidery since a basic attempt in Primary school, some 40 odd years ago. :{ Oh well I'll give it a go anyway
    stay safe everyone happy crafting 🙂 <3


  23. Lynne Lee said:

    This is beautiful work and if I was given this as a present I would gladly put it on display. I wish I was crafty but I’m not at all.


  24. Kim said:

    Those are so pretty! My mom taught me how to cross stitch when I was young. I keep thinking I need to find a kit I like and make time to do it! There was a time if someone gave me a gift that didn’t “match” my home it would go into a closet but I’ve come to appreciate the thought/time/effort someone puts into to a hand made gift and would definitely display it.


  25. Brenda Peterson said:

    I love knitting. I made two sweaters, a pair of socks and started a baby blanket for a friend. I have never done beading, but I am going to look into it. It’s beautiful Lorelei.


  26. Vicki Mikel said:

    I would cherish this beautiful gift and be grateful that someone I care about spent so many hours creating it just for me!


  27. Nan said:

    If someone made me a “pandemic posy type craft” I would be happy to get it! If someone thinks enough of me to give me something they made themselves, I would display it even if it didn’t match my decor.

    I’m not really a crafty type person but once-upon-a-time I sewed quite a bit. I’ve made a couple of face masks for myself since the pandemic.

    Before that I started a baby quilt for my new great-grandson but it’s not quite finished.

    When I’m finished with the baby quilt, I’m going to put a new cover on an old quilt that I made over 25 years ago. My granddaughter has been dragging it around with her for the past few years.

    I have pictures but I can’t figure out how to post them. 🙁


  28. Vicki said:

    I’ve been crafting more now since I’m home and loving it. I picked up epoxies and done tumblers and serving trays. I’ve pics galore but can’t share 😕


  29. Vicki T said:

    With being stuck at home I’ve been crafting more. Between Yaymaker paintings, diamond painting, and epoxy tumblers I’ve been having fun.


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