Saturday Surprise — and a FLASH CONTEST to win an early copy of WANT YOU TO WANT ME!!

July 18, 2020

Hey ho everyone! We survived the wedding! It was a gorgeous, perfect day and everything went according to plan. Sadly, we had about 20 people cancel the week of the wedding, but we suspected that would happen. How hilarious are these wedding favors?

I’ve been in recovery mode all week. Happy as I was to have the entire family here, it was a super busy time and both Mr. James and I were exhausted.

NOW we’re gearing up for the release of WANT YOU TO WANT ME, book 2 in the Want You series. I got my box of author copies just yesterday!


Isn’t it pretty? Especially next to the bridesmaid bouquet from last weekend? I admit I still turn giddy every time I get author copies of one of my books 😍

HERE’S THE FLASH CONTEST INFO — leave a comment — that’s it!


Also, the winner from the June wrap-up post and recipient of a signed copy of Miss Firecracker is: Teri A Mays! Teri, email me– with your info so I can get your book sent out on Monday also 🙂

Thanks everyone for stopping by the blog today — we’ll have more contests and fun stuff coming up so stay tuned to my social media!


OH – PS — the audiobook for Silver-Tongued Devil is up everywhere!

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  1. Kim Ruiz said:

    Love your books. Been reading forever. Can’t wait for this one

    1. Nicole Contreras said:

      Those are the best wedding favors ever! Way to keep a sense of humor during these times! Can hardly wait for this book! I’ve got it pre-ordered! 😁😁

      1. Tina said:

        Love your books!!! Thsnk you for writing books that have so much feeling behind them. One minute your laughing and the next your bawling like a baby.

    2. Annette kraft said:

      So glad the wedding went off without a hitch!! Love your books. Still recovering. Home from the hospital, but not strong enought yet. Keep on writing.

    3. Amanda S Hitchcock said:

      WOO HOO a new book!

      1. Michele Ficht said:

        I love your stories! Thanks for the chance!

      2. Shaelee McCormick said:

        Yaaas!!! New book!!! So excited

    4. Marchia Jones said:

      I can’t wait to read it!!

      1. Jessica McGowan said:

        I love the wedding favors! You have to have humor during this time & this is great. I can’t wait to read this! I absolutely love all of your books!

    5. Elaine Willett said:

      Love the Lunds! Can’t wait to read the Want You series!!

    6. Nancy Bosque said:

      Congrats on the wedding. So happy it could happen for you and that you were able to enjoy your family. Flowers are beautiful.

    7. Heather Line said:

      How exciting!! A new book!! Can’t wait to see it!!😁

    8. Traann said:

      Love your books. The Mastered Series are the first of your books that I read. Thanks for many hours of wonderful reading.

    9. Sherry Bohrmueller said:

      Loved the book! Would love to win!

    10. Renee Shook said:

      I love your Books Lorelei, I have a Kindle but I always buy your Books in Psperback, I have quite the Collection. Stay Well & God Bless, Reneé

    11. Margarita G Remigio said:

      Thanks for the opportunity. I would love to win

    12. Amy Perrault said:

      Congrats on your wedding & love how your new book looks & it is very pretty beside those pretty flowers. Can’t wait to get a book or even win!! 🙂

    13. nancy clouse said:

      Hi Lorelei. Glad the wedding was a great day. Good luck and many happy wishes. I hope to win this book. I do so much reading and i like your books very much. God Bless

    14. Laura Earickson said:

      What a nice light hearted read for my recovery. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Aime Browder said:

    Would absolutely love to win! Thanks!!

    1. Julie breeding said:

      You always have the best cover models.

  3. Lynne Lee said:

    I’m looking forward for this book to be released.

  4. Linda Ketter said:

    This is soooo cool. Question: do you have a release schedule for the rest of the books in this series?

  5. Bethany McNease said:

    I am definitely looking forward to this book! I would love a print copy!!!!

  6. kc said:

    Great cover, Lorelei, and the bouquet is gorgeous! What are those flowers? Do I see an echeveria bloom just above the book? And what lovely colors! But yes, I’m sure you’ve felt the need to relax afterwards! Glad it all went so well!

  7. Lourdes Miranda said:

    I look forward to reading this book. I’m fortunate to still be working since I’m a nurse but I totally like to relax before bed by reading and forgetting for a couple of hours what a hectic day I’ve had. Reading is my way to relax especially during these challenging times.

    1. Nancy Clements said:

      So happy I met you and your husband at that event in La Crosse, WI.
      I was very nervous to take a photo with you on the boat ride.

      I would really love to win this. Looking forward to everything you write ❤️

  8. Jayme Maresh said:

    Glad the day went well.

  9. Cathy Smith said:

    One of my favorite series! So excited for Nolan❤️

  10. Becky said:

    I can’t Not wait for this to release. I have such affection for the Lunds

  11. jenny Muraski said:

    I am super excited to read this book!

    Congrats to the newlyweds!

  12. Laurie Rex said:

    Congratulations on your successful wedding❣ The bridesmaid’s bouquet is just beautiful! 💐Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book❣

  13. Stacy Purse said:

    I’ve been looking forward to reading WYTWM. I would love to get an early copy and dive in. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. Linda Henderson said:

    I would love to be entered for a copy. Thank you for the chance.

  15. Michelle Wilson said:

    Me Me Me!!

  16. Denise Rachuba said:

    Nice! Win or purchase. Either way I want it 😁

  17. Helen Seely said:

    Thank you for continuing to write awesome books!

  18. Rebecca said:

    Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding!

  19. Amanda Thomas said:

    So glad that everything went well and that cover is gorgeous.

  20. Susan Greene said:

    Read your books and love them. I would love to win this one!

  21. Kathleen O'Donnell said:

    I would love a copy of this book. Thank you for a chance to win. So glad the wedding went of so well.

  22. AnnaMarie Melchiorre said:

    So happy the wedding went well. I just love you books. I’ve read and reread so many of them. Especially thr Rough Riders series. Have a good rest of the weekend.

  23. Markita said:

    Hi! Hope you are staying safe and sane. It’s hot here in Vegas.

  24. Sharon said:

    The wedding looked beautiful, I hope you and Mr. James are getting some much needed rest. Congrats on the book, it’s so pretty!

  25. Lori DeLong said:

    Congratulations bob your daughters wedding! Can’t wait for your book!! Been sick with sinus crud and re reading your books while home.

  26. Donna said:

    The flowers are beautiful! So glad everything turned out well. I know everyone could appreciate the hand sanitizer right now.

  27. Cindi Richardson said:

    I’m excited that there is a new book coming soon!

  28. Mary C said:

    Lovely flowers!

  29. Amanda Ralls said:

    Congratulations on your new release, I can’t wait to read this book

  30. Iris said:

    I want to read it now!

  31. Luella Osuna said:

    The bouquet is gorgeous. What flowers are in there?

  32. Pam Rauscher said:

    Love the choice of wedding favour!! Lol

    1. Cara Ditton said:

      LOVE your books…like every single one of them!!

  33. Chrissy said:

    I love this series and can’t wait to read this book.

  34. Mary Preston said:

    Fun wedding favors.

    Fabulous thank you.

  35. Kristi Powell said:

    I want you to pick me!! Lol 😂 I love this series!! Thanks for the chance!! Oh and I loved the wedding favors!!

  36. Andrea Weitzel said:

    Me me me! Love your books! Thank you for the chance!

  37. Maggie said:

    Can’t wait for the release!

  38. Tina Smith said:

    Pretty flowers! Pretty book! Looks like your cup runneth over. Congrats on both. 🙂

  39. Evelyn said:

    Thanks for the chance bb

  40. Jan Belk said:

    I can’t wait to get this book. I would love to win it.

    1. Debra Bard said:

      I have waited patiently for Gabi and Nolan’s story. Can’t wait to read this book and find out what The Lund’s have been up to.

  41. Teresa Green said:

    Loved the looks of the bouquet and book together! Definitely makes me “Want Me” to be the lucky winner!

  42. Debra Edwards said:

    That bouquet is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

  43. Courtney Kinder said:

    Beautiful cover!! Thanks for the chance!

  44. Rhonda Scott said:

    I’ve been waiting for a long time for this book. I’m so excited to read it.

  45. Patty Boggs said:

    Congrats on surviving the wedding AND the book!!

  46. Stefanie Hansen said:

    That’s an awesome wedding favor!!! Love your books!

  47. Carolyn Hajjar said:

    Love your books. My husband told me to keep reading them :). Glad your daughter’s wedding was a success.

    Carolyn Hajjar

  48. Sophie Solis said:

    Mrs James your stories are the fresh balm we need in this DESERT HEAT! Good Lordy! Hope everything went perfect at ur daughters wedding and may they live happily ever after =)

  49. amanda boedigheimer said:

    As a Minnesota gal and huge fan- I can not wait for this next book. My husband always knows when a new book comes out Momma gets her wine glass and parks in the reading chair till the book is done.

  50. Amy said:

    Thanks for the chance to win a great book by a favorite Author. I love all of your books in The Rough Rider Series.

  51. Virginia Campbell said:

    What a great surprise giveaway–Best Wishes for all releases!!!

  52. Nadiyah McKinney said:

    Love your books! Can’t wait to read this one!

  53. bn100 said:

    funny wedding favors

  54. Demetra Williams said:

    Congratulations on the wedding

  55. Rolanda Tovey said:

    I love your books and usually get them as ebooks because I live in the middle of nowhere but I would love a solid book. Hopefully this is open to Canadians?

  56. Angie Rasmussen said:

    Can not wait for the release of this one!!

  57. Paula Gaddis said:

    I tried so hard to go out west to see my Rough Rider area 2 weeks ago, but my husband decided to have a heart attack instead. Luckily, we stopped in Rochester, Mn to pick up our son whose was going along. So instead of a week in South Dskota and Wyoming we spent it at the Mayo Clinic. So next year he stays home and I get my Rough Rider adventure. Give Mister James a big hug and make him promise no heart surprises. CPR is a bitch!!! Love your stories and hope to see South Dakota and Wyoming next year.🤗💖🤗💖🤗💖

  58. Becky A. said:

    I love your books! I hope you have an amazing weekend! Stay safe!

  59. Beverly Gordon said:

    I can’t wait for this book sounds so awesome thanks for the chance and those are the cutest funniest wedding favors ever

  60. Vicki said:

    love this series can’t wait for it

  61. Danyelle Wadsworth said:

    Congratulations on your daughters wedding!
    I would absolutely love to win this

  62. Amanda Lee said:

    Thanks for the chance!! Congrats to the newlyweds

  63. Laura Tavares said:

    Glad for you that the wedding was so nice. Book is real pretty. Would
    love to see it on my shelf.

  64. Stephanie said:

    I can’t wait to read this book! I’ve devoured everything you’ve written and I’m sure this will be no exception. 🥰🎉

    1. Larri said:

      I am so happy the wedding was perfect! The pictures were beautiful.
      I’m reading this one now and loving Nolan and Gabi!

  65. Bridget Werbin said:

    Loved Silver Tounged Devil! I’ve been enjoying this series too!

  66. Jackie said:

    Love to win. Please and thanks

  67. Pauline Cassie said:

    Glad to hear the wedding went well. I’m so looking forward to this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  68. Becca said:

    Can’t wait to read it! Always love a new Lorelei book 😍

  69. Amber Cline said:

    So happy this one is coming soon!

  70. Judy Gram said:

    Love the wedding favors💕. Steve was excited to hear T got married.

  71. Christine Houser said:

    Omg pick me!!!!!

  72. Moran said:

    I read an ARC of Want You to Want Me and it was amazing!
    I loved it so much I did a reread of I Want You Back which was one of my favourite now books of 2019.

  73. Jeanine L'Esperance said:

    That bouquet is beautiful, the book is awesome. I love this series.

  74. TerriAnn B said:

    Love, Love, Love your books!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to possibly win this one!!

  75. Brandi Lakins said:

    Love it!

  76. Debra Bard said:

    I have waited patiently for Gabi and Nolan’s story. Can’t wait to read this book and find out what The Lund’s have been up to.

  77. Jessica Hudgins said:

    I am thrilling will all of Loreli James books! I have read everyone, with the exception of the latest Silver Tongued Devil. I’m sorry to say I have been working 12 hr shifts non-stop and haven’t had the chance to order it. I’m a huge fan and win or not I will find the time to catch up and read that one and Want You To Want Me! Love Loreli James!

  78. LaKesha A Caraway said:

    I swear I can smell those flowers through my phone.

  79. Tami said:

    Can’t wait for the new book to come out.

  80. Juli Hall said:

    Weddings are exhausting but I’m sure it was lovely too.
    Congrats to the married couple.

  81. Andrea Atalay said:

    Huge fan … always ready for more of you.

  82. pat c said:

    Congratulations on the wedding, proud mama! Love the wedding favors 🙂
    Would love an early copy of this book!
    Happy reading to all and be safe!

  83. Christy E. said:

    The party favors are cute. Glad everything went well and thank you for chance to win copy of your new book.

  84. Leslie Phillips said:

    Thanks for the chance! Can’t wait to read this one! Love love love this series!

  85. Marie said:

    YES. It’s soooo pretty. *Drooling*

    Have a great weekend!

  86. Kimmy Potts said:

    I’m really looking forward to this book! I am listening to When I need you now and then it’s on to I want you back. Thank you for the opportunity!

  87. Cassie said:

    I’m so excited for this book!!

  88. Kris Lidinsky said:

    Loved the other books in this series. Since we are in Palm Beach Country and in a major outbreak, it would be a wonderful diversion. Congratulations on the wedding!

  89. Caroline said:

    I love this series!

  90. Kimberly hammett said:

    can’t wait to read and add yo my collection

  91. Tina H said:

    Love your books. Can’t wait for this one.

  92. Sherry Neipris said:

    Can’t wait to read it!!!! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  93. Sarah Canter said:

    Love your books! Awesome wedding favors.

  94. Karen K said:

    I’d love one, thanks for the chance.

  95. Margaret M Roberts Quidachay said:

    Just love your books!!!!

  96. Gladys Paradowski said:

    Crossing my fingers that I’ll be lucky here!

  97. Bobbie Sue Kearse said:

    Wedding are tough, beautiful but tough lol! Congrats on the new son! I love your books and thought my kindle had died last week and just about lost my shit! It was user error so yay! I’d love a copy of this book!

  98. Jenna said:

    I WANNA TO WIN!!!!! Please please please!!!

  99. Karen Carson said:

    Good luck, everyone!

  100. Nancy Moran said:

    I’ve so enjoyed your books from the very beginning. Thank you for writing them all.

  101. Julia Stover said:

    Would love to win a copy of the book.

  102. Kathleen Bylsma said:

    You should be giddy! You work hard for each book and it shows! That’s why you have such devoted readers!
    Love the wedding favors in a macabre sort of way.
    The bouquet is absolutely gorgeous!

  103. Gladys Paradowski said:

    Hoping to be lucky here!

  104. Leigh Hilson said:

    I love that book cover those colors are so beautiful it makes it pop it would make someone stop in the bookstore and pick it up to read the blog on the back just by looking at the beautiful book cover 2 see what the book was about congratulations on your latest release silver-tongued devil and your upcoming release on August 4th

  105. Heidi said:

    I would love a copy of Want You to Want Me!

  106. Shannon Capelle said:

    Cant wait to read this book its going to be amazing! Love your books!

  107. Barbara Breaker Swinick said:

    Not sure what I’m supposed to comment on, so I’ll just give you my thoughts.. I’ve been a fan of you forever. I’ve been reading your books forever, and let me tell you that’s a long time.. I’m going to be 72 in October and I still get every book the day it comes out. Once I start a book thats it for me I have to finish it… The waiting seems interminable specially at my age. I read your first book and will read till I can’t anymore. Thank you for keeping my mind and heart young.
    Barbara Swinick

  108. Mandie said:

    So excited for this one!! ❤️

  109. Amber said:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!!

  110. Courtney Herbert said:

    Sitting here on this gorgeous HOT Texas day in the middle of nowhere re-reading “Rough , Raw & Ready. So glad you all had a beautiful wedding. Excited about the new book. Everytime you release a new one it’s like Christmas ♥️

  111. Robin Cobb said:

    The bouquet is beautiful. Love the book cover. Stay safe.

  112. Ruth S said:

    oh I can’t wait for this book to come out!

  113. Jenny said:

    It is so pretty with the flowers. Can’t wait for the book.
    And congratulations to your daughter!

  114. Erin said:

    How fun! I just finished reading Jax and Lucy’s story. I am looking forward to the next round of Lund craziness.

    . It helps me pretend my family is almost normal. 🙂

    Happy Saturday!

  115. Misty Coufal said:

    Love the series.

  116. Kristin Fortin said:

    I’m so excited for the new book. I have been anticipating the release. I need a mee book to read.

  117. Judy Cohen said:

    Can’t wait to read this. Love this series.

  118. Tracy wright said:

    Excited for the new book

  119. Jessi Ray said:

    Me!! Me!!

  120. Judy Cohen said:

    Not sure if my previous post went through. I would love this book. Thanks.

  121. Gina Burgos said:

    Yay, would love to win a copy! Thank you for the opportunity 😉

  122. Sandra Marlow said:

    So looking forward to this book! Thank you for the giveaway.

  123. Erica Alvarez said:

    Would absolutely love to win this book!

  124. Melinda Hennies said:

    I would love Wany You To Want Me…I have the perfect apace on my bookshelf!
    Congrata and D#3 wedding…Love the Lilac colors….

  125. Ginna Honeycutt said:

    Thank you for the chance. Can’t wait to read it!

  126. Kim Taylor said:

    I can’t wait to read this!!! Thank you for the chance!

  127. Megan S said:

    I love this series and can’t wait to read the next book. I’m so excited.

  128. Karen Williams said:

    Love the wedding favors! The book cover is gorgeous as well as the flowers.

  129. Strachey Charran said:

    Beautiful cover. Thank you for your generosity.

  130. Yasmeen said:

    I’m gearing up for my wedding in a month, and can I say I took a screenshot of the bouquets as an idea for mine😆! Purple/lavender is the color of the wedding.
    Can’t wait to read the next Want You book!

  131. Aly P said:

    From what you’ve been showing us(pictures) and telling us, it sounds like a wonderful wedding!
    I can’t wait to read the book!

  132. Shelby Salyer said:

    Can’t wait to read this!

  133. Traci Lecheler said:

    So happy the wedding was a success! Many happy blessings to them. Thank you for the chance at the new book.

  134. Janet Knudson said:

    Yup! Want it!

  135. Cinthia De Los Santos said:

    I can’t wait to read this one! Thank you for the chance.

  136. Rhonda Brant said:

    love the favors! Thanks for the chance

  137. Beth said:

    I am so excited to read this book! Gabi just really spoke to me and seems like the perfect fit for North – someone powerful and confident enough to hold her own! I’m super excited to read this book. Thanks for the next fun addition to a long and isolated set of months.

  138. Amanda Trim said:

    That bridesmaids bouquet is beautiful. I love the colors! The book cover is just as awesome. Its so romantic. I love your book. My favorites are the wild west boys series and the rough riders series. I have read them all!

  139. Dotty said:

    Love this series♥️ Thanks for the great reads!

  140. Amanda Jordan said:

    I can not wait for this book. I love love your work. By the way love the colours from the bouquet. My favourite colours.

  141. Charlotte said:

    Beautiful flowers! I’m looking forward to the book!

  142. Kristen said:

    Love you books thank for the chance 😀

  143. J matlas said:

    Congratulations on the wedding – so looking forward to the book!!

  144. Renee Meyer said:

    It looks beautiful next to the flowers and you should get giddy

  145. Erika said:

    Love all your books. Can’t wait till this latest one releases.

  146. Rose Marie Wright said:

    Always read your books . Never disappointed. Would be excited to win a copy.

  147. Fran Swarts said:

    Nice cover.
    Thanks for the chance.

  148. Jennifer Beyer said:

    I’m so glad the wedding came together. It sounds like it was wonderful! I am really looking forward to reading this book! It would rock to get to read it early.

  149. Rose Marie Wright said:

    Always read your books and still reread. Have never been disappointed.

  150. Amber said:

    Ahhh! I’m dying to read this book! I can’t wait for Nolan & Gabi! And happy birthday to the both of us! (Mine is the 24th as well.) Its wonderful that the wedding went well. I wish your daughter and new son-in-law all the best!

  151. Kathy said:

    Can’t wait for this!

  152. Cheri Clubb said:

    Can’t wait for the release date 😊

  153. Michelle said:

    Thank you for the chance 😁 Can’t wait !!!!

  154. Laura said:

    The flowers are gorgeous! Your books are great! Have a wonderful day!

  155. Pamela innel said:

    I am so excited!!! I can’t wait to read it!

  156. Shirley Long said:

    Love the cover. And the flowers are awesome. What beautiful colors for a wedding. Congratulations on surviving!!

  157. Rebecca Jean said:

    Thanks for the chance, so excited for this book!

  158. Brenda Jewell said:

    I so love your books. Oh, congratulations for your daughter.

  159. Brenda Jewell said:

    I now have the whole collection of Rough Riders. I so enjoy them. I am happy the wedding went well.

  160. Dana said:

    Thanks for the chance!!

  161. Nancy Shaw said:

    I have been waiting for this book. I mean with pins and needles waiting for it. The wedding, like any wedding, was probably perfect because that is the day the couple’s dream comes true. It doesn’t matter about the flowers or bubbles just the love. Congradulations on the book – to finally have it in your hand must be wonderful!

  162. Rhonda Scott said:


  163. Debra Curry said:

    Congrats on the wedding…so glad all was well….looking forward to the new book coming out—loved the cover

  164. Brenda Massey said:

    Congratulations on your daughters wedding!!

  165. Courtney wade said:

    Omg I love the favors!!!

  166. Ashley said:

    The flowers are so pretty! And rereading the series now to be prepared for the next two weeks. Thank you for all your hard work writing. Your fans appreciate you ( especially me!! 😉 )

  167. Karen Hoile said:

    My husband thanks you!!!

  168. Juvon LeGare-Rivers said:

    Can’t wait to read this!

  169. Brandi Howell said:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it

  170. Bree said:

    I am looking forward to buying this one! I’m so grateful you keep writing! Thank you

  171. STACY GONNERING said:

    Love your books. Just finished Silver Tongued Devil. Looking forward to this one.

  172. Julie Keyes said:

    I love everything I’ve read that you have written 💕💕

  173. Patti said:

    I love your books. Look forward to each one.
    thank you.

  174. Julie Keyes said:

    I love your books 💕💕

  175. TERI A MAYS said:

    Omg! Would love this but since I see I won the June wrapup and get Miss Firecracker color me 😀🎉🎆🎆🎆. Love all your books. Congratulations on the wedding and thank you so much.

  176. Susan Dufner said:

    Congratulations on the wedding My nephew had to cancel his. Love all your books. I cannot wait to read the next one.

  177. Adanna Hartwell said:

    Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding!!! The flowers are beautiful. I can’t wait to read Want You To Want Me!

  178. Jana Booker said:

    Really excited for a new book. Congratulations on the weeding. Thank you for the chance.

  179. Kelly said:

    I loooove your books. About to get my older two daughters started on them. Have to pass the torch. 😂

  180. Jacey said:

    Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Your book looks like the flowers were picked just for your picture. Can’t wait to read this installment of the series! Also glad you can relax a little now that the wedding is done.

  181. joanna biggs said:

    I love this series! Can’t wait to read this one. Thank you for the chance!

  182. Jana Booker said:

    Thank you for the chance

  183. Stacey Perkins said:

    Beautiful flowers! Definitely been a hard year for celebrating!

  184. Brenda said:

    Congrats to the bride and groom (and the parents). Beautiful flowers!! Great idea for wedding favors.

  185. Amber said:

    Love the wedding favors lol Thanks for the chance to win the book 🙂

  186. Ellen Bartel said:

    It’s always fun to have the whole family together, it’s like a mini vaca.
    Is that hand sanitizer? How adorable!
    Those flowers still look beautiful! And the cover is too!
    Enjoy your relaxation time looking back on the past couple weeks !

  187. Kelley said:

    Love your books. Congrats!

  188. Janice Dodgson said:

    Soooo looking forward to reading this latest one. I’ve read all the others and loved them! Love your writing, every book is so good!

  189. Hillary said:

    I hope you never lose that feeling of excitement at seeing your hardwork come to fruition. I love your books and can’t wait for more. Thank you for offering this contest. Be blessed.

  190. Michele said:

    So excited for this book! Doing a re-read now to get ready for it. Also – love the flowers & glad everything at the wedding went well!

  191. Janice said:

    A wedding AND a new book release? What a great summer–even with a pandemic! Congratulations on both!

  192. Lisa said:

    I’ve loved everything you’ve written so far!!!

  193. Kelli Gunn said:

    The colors in those flowers are beautiful. We had my oldest son’s high school graduation party today. It was steamy, and nice to see our siblings again. We dont live far but haven’t all been together for a while. But I AM POOPED. By next week I’ll be ready to see how Gabby and Nolan get together.

  194. Anne B Fortunato said:

    Family wedding are so anxiety producing before and so much fun at the time and a big let down when its over. I love the hand sanitizer!

  195. Heather Cicio said:

    So glad the wedding went well! The book is beautiful! I would be thrilled to win! Thanks for the chance!

  196. Anna McK. said:

    The cover is beautiful! Would love to read. 😄

  197. Lauren said:

    I love your books.

  198. Carol Slomski said:

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