Mourning Monday

May 22, 2017

I’m incredibly saddened by the death of Chris Cornell, singer for Audioslave, Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog. Maybe that sounds strange, I didn’t know the man other than through his music. But his music meant a lot to me. It got me through some really difficult times. Thinking back, for one entire year I listened to nothing but Audioslave when I was in my car–the music soothed and inspired me. I could always count on it to take me out of my own head when I got too immersed in fictional worlds as well as real life problems.

Rest In Peace Chris Cornell — I’m thankful your music will live on even after you chose not to.


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  1. Connie said:

    He will be missed but never forgotten Chris was my hero and my strength


  2. Kari Lenderman said:

    I agree with you so much. I am the same. His music and voice got me through many hard times and still does. I also listened to Audioslave for about a year. He will be missed greatly by me also but I will continue to listen to his music in rough times. RIP


  3. Nicki S said:

    My first (high-school) puppy love was often told that he looked like Chris Cornell, and back then I didn’t know who he was, because I’ve always been horrible with names (can’t remember names of streets, people, bands, song titles, etc, but I never forget a face or a phone number oddly enough). Then I saw his photo on a CD and was amazed at the resemblance. So his passing is kinda weird as well as sad for me, because of course I knew his voice. He will be missed.


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