Maybe Baby — Monthly Wrap Up for May and a contest!

June 6, 2020

FIRST OFF peeps, if you’ve won something from me and haven’t received it, it’s because I haven’t sent it. OH, BECAUSE I FINISHED A ROUGH RIDERS BOOK AND GETTING TO THE POST OFFICE WASN’T A PRIORITY HAHAHAHA. I *WILL* mail all prizes this week, even this week’s winners, pinkie promise 🙃

In compiling the info for this post, I really worried I’d have nothing to share except to say….yeah, I was writing. Sorry I didn’t do anything else. But, that isn’t true. I did manage to have somewhat of a life…at home since we’re still following lockdown protocol…so I’ll start with the most exciting thing for me, which was getting to Denver for Memorial Day weekend to see THIS FACE and cuddle her, and laugh with her and have birthday cake celebrating the fact she’s one year old! This girl started walking at 10 months and she’s now running. Seriously cutest grandbaby evah 💖💖💖




Still in pandemic lockdown and Mr. James does all the shopping so I’ve felt the need to be creative with what I had on hand. We had hamburgers but no buns so I decided to try my hand at baking buns. These look good, but they were DENSE, like rocks and the taste was meh so I consider them a fail (although we did eat them) Live and learn.


Had better luck with the homemade chicken fried steak. The cubed steak had been pre-seasoned/tenderized with some spice that tasted vaguely like barbecue seasoning, but it complemented rather than overpowered and I was happy about that. I have no shame in admitting I always make mashed potatoes from a box — it’s faster and I honestly can’t taste the difference. My mother is appalled by this attitude and my youngest daughter always makes her potatoes from scratch. The gravy was from a package too, simply because I wanted country style gravy and not chicken gravy. Eh. Take convenience where you can get it, right?


This meal is a new one in rotation — fresh greens (this is spinach and arugula) with avocado, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, red pepper flakes, sea salt flakes, spicy nuts and then all that topped with basted eggs. The runny yolks make a salad dressing of sorts and this is one of the best dishes we’ve been inspired to create from a FB post. We have the ingredients on hand and I gotta tell you, if I’d gotten this out in a restaurant? I would flip –it’s that damn good.


I kept my reading time to night after my brain was done creating, which also means I didn’t get any beading done in May (I ordered some KILLER beading kits though that I can’t wait to share) and I actually read one of these in April and forgot to put it in that post so I’ll start with that book:




After The Climb, by Kristen Ashley — Look, Kristen is an auto-buy for me, and this book was FREE digitally and it blew my freakin’ mind. It was so well done, so joyful and funny with amazing characters in their fifties with adult children– and how it is to reconnect with your first love after you’ve lived a good portion of your life without that person, and still had a life you loved with no regrets…seriously one of her best books, and the start of a new series! READ IT!


Sure Shot, by Sarina Bowen — again, Sarina is another auto-buy author for me. I LOVE this series, I adore her writing beyond words, and this installment in the Brooklyn Bruisers series with Bess and Tank was outstanding. While I love the peeks she gives us at previous characters, I really appreciate her focus is always on the main couple finding their happily ever after. If you haven’t ever read Sarina (she writes more than hockey romances too) you are missing out. Seriously. BUY THIS BOOK.


Sea of Ruin, by Pam Godwin — first off, this might be the most gorgeous book cover I’ve seen this year, isn’t it stunning? Second of all, this book WRECKED ME in the best possible way. I’d never read this author, and the premise of a female pirate intrigued me. EVERYTHING about this book was fantastic!! I will say there are some very disturbing things that happen so it might not be for everyone, but I just couldn’t read it fast enough and even reached out to Pam to let her know how much I loved it. I can’t recommend this highly enough if you are looking for a story unlike anything you’ve read before. BUY IT NOW AND DEVOUR IT.



Way way less TV in May because of that whole pesky writing a book in 6 weeks thing, most of which was accomplished in May. All but one of these shows was watched Memorial Day weekend when we were with the oldest and her family — because…pandemic meant no going out to enjoy all that Denver has to offer, which was actually really nice. Plus, getting to watch musicals with the grandbaby girl who loves her some Moana was such a treat.

Moana, Disney, Disney Plus — I’d seen this before but ….it hadn’t left much of an impression on me. I don’t know if that was because I watched it by myself, but when I rewatched it, with the little girl who danced and was enthralled, it became one of my favorite Disney movies. I loved it so so much more the second (and third) time I watched it. And maybe it’s weird, coming from a romance author, but I appreciated this wasn’t a princess love story; it was an empowering story for a young girl testing her strength and learning about her past by forging a new future. If you haven’t seen it, or it’s been a while since you watched it, revisit it! And I do find myself singing “You’re Welcome!” instead of just saying it — hahaha

Aladdin, live action, Disney, Disney Plus — hey, I loved the “original” Aladdin and was sort of prepared to hate this one. But I didn’t. Not at all. They actually gave Jasmine a storyline besides just being a princess! I thought Will Smith did a great job stepping into such a huge imprint that Robin Williams had left with the Genie. And the man/boy who played Aladdin — that smile. Plus, I could sing along because I knew the words from all the times we watched the animated version 🙂


Onward, Disney, Disney Plus — meh. It was weird, first off, second off I’m pretty sure they were trying to make a “boy’s movie” because GOD KNOWS WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH OF THOSE and it just fell flat for me. I hated the premise of a dead parent coming back to life for only a day, but only HALF of him. Yeah, read all the half-life, unfinished life, into that symbolism, but it just was missing more than what it tried to be. This isn’t one I’ll rewatch.


Dummy, Quibi cellphone app serial show — I love Anna Kendrick and when the premise for this was the main character finds her boyfriend’s sex toy doll, and that doll comes to life and they become frenemies…SIGN ME UP! It was hilarious, and so wrong, and I loved every dirty, wrong, funny moment. SO quirky and a fun fast watch at like….10, 9 minute episodes.

The Wrong Missy, Netflix movie — A bit slapstick, about a bad date going wrong and a good date that went right and BOTH women having the same name, mixed up screwball comedy. For once David Spade isn’t the slapstick guy, which was good change for him and he did a great job. I enjoyed this one a lot, again, some totally wrong bathroom humor in it, but it you’re looking for something fun and quirky, this fits the bill.



Hollywood, Netflix Series — This was a post-WWII series set in Hollywood, created by Ryan Murphy who did Glee. Glee is the only show I’ve watched that he’s done, but this one intrigued me on so many levels. First of all — the costuming? GORGEOUS. It would be worth it to watch for the stylizing alone. The storyline was about racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, you know–all the juicy stuff. Some of the info was based on real life characters. This series took a lot of hits from critics and I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a critic because it was one of the best series I’ve watched on Netflix. What is WRONG with rewriting history a bit, where a black gay male screenwriter gets a job with a major studio because he’s talented? And a storyline where a talented black actress gets the lead in major motion picture? Or a storyline where older women are shown not only more than capable of running a studio, but have a chance to prove they’re not washed up sexually when they’re in their 60s? Or a storyline where an interracial relationship is not looked down on? Or a storyline where being gay is not a mark against you? Or a storyline that shows there’s joy to being true to yourself? There was so much…hope in watching this that FINALLY SOMEONE WOULD DO THE RIGHT THING for these marginalized groups, and how fantastic would it have been IF that had been the attitude in Hollywood then — and even now. Obviously this series affected me quite a bit and I urge you all to watch it.

THAT’S ALL FOLKS –well, I do have to put in a plug for this baby

which FINGERS CROSSED will be released sometime next week. WATCH my social media, because this is going to publish without preorders as soon as it’s formatted!

CONTEST — comment for a chance to win something — probably a book — and I promise I’ll catch up on my mailings this week.




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  1. Jennifer Beyer said:

    I’m so excited about the new book!


  2. Mary C said:

    Your granddaughter is so cute!


  3. Shirley Long said:

    Best ever boxed mashed potatoes are Bob Evans. Have you ever tried them? I guess they’re nationwide but I don’t really know. They’re available here in Texas and Illinois that I know of for sure. But if you can find them, give them a try. So easy in the microwave and my husband who is a big mashed potatoe fan can not tell the difference.
    Never used cube steak for chicken fried steak and never used packaged gravy. Maybe I should try the gravy because mine is always too think or too thick. And I’ve been trying to get it right for 50 years. My husband makes it and it’s perfect, but me, not so much.
    Beautiful, beautiful baby girl. I’d love to kiss those sweet cheeks too.


  4. Pamela said:

    I have read a few of Pam Godwin’s books. Really good. I have not read Sea of Ruin yet. Did you read the short story first? Can’t wait for both of your new books!


  5. Karen said:

    I’m literally DROOLING at the thought of a new McKay book!!! Can. Not. Freaking. Wait!!!!!


  6. Baylee Hollar said:

    Can’t wait for the new book. Historical Fiction is my favorite genre but Lorelei James is my favorite author so this just can’t get any better.


  7. Tami said:

    I’m so glad you got to spend some time with your grandbaby. Nothing greater than when the family get all together.


  8. Rebecca said:

    So awesome you guys got to celebrate your granddaughters first birthday together. They grow so fast. It’s the little moments! So no instant potatoes here!! Lol Can’t wait for a new book. This is going to be awesome, I almost can’t contain my excitement!!


  9. Ginna said:

    Can’t wait for the new McKay!!!


  10. Donna said:

    Recently I’ve been watching movies and TV shows I’ve seen before, mainly to keep my mother from tuning in to those terrible unscripted reality shows. Last night we watched Moonstruck for the 2nd time in a month. She’d never seen it before and slept through much of it the 1st time we watched. I’ve seen it so many times, I can quote lots of the dialogue but it still never gets old to me.


  11. Kim Wade said:

    Congrats on the new release, can’t wait to read it


  12. Ginger Savage said:

    We lived Hollywood too! So many hated it! But it was so uplifting that we could rewrite the story to one of acceptance and inclusion. So many great performances in the show!
    Thrilled about the new book too! I need positivity and escape now. So glad you got grandbaby time. In a few weeks our son will come and visit after the longest separation we have ever had. Bringing his girl for a visit. We are do excited! Love to you! G


  13. Dana Stockton said:

    I’m sooo excited for the new McKay book!!
    You’re granddaughter is adorable, so glad you were able to spend time with her during this pandemic.


  14. Karen Sue said:

    I have to agree-Moana is the best. She doesn’t need a HEA to make her life complete. It’s a great empowering movie. And Dwayne Johnson is hysterical!


  15. Kelly Green said:

    Sea of Ruin is totally in my TBR! Everyone is talking about it! I am super excited for the newest Rough Riders book! And your granddaughter is super cute!!!


  16. Lisa Rounsley said:

    Love the newsletters
    1. Will have to try the egg on the salad
    2. Adorable granddaughter
    3. Thanks for the new authors
    4. And thanks for the suggestions on Netflix
    5. ❤️❤️❤️New McKay Book❤️❤️❤️


  17. Karen Harbur said:

    I very excited about Silver Tongued Devil Ebook and I’m awaiting information on the audiobook to add to my collection


  18. Ellen B said:

    Your grand baby is beautiful! I think this is the first time I’ve seen her face.
    I’ve been laying low on cooking 😒. But I have planted my gardens, got a cherry tree this spring! So excited for cherries! I already have a pear and a peach tree along with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.
    I started back to work this week and it went pretty well. I was a bit nervous being a hairdresser and having to be on top of people, there is no distancing when you’re behind the chair.
    I did watch the Wrong Missy and laughed a lot. Good movie. I’ll check out Hollywood, sounds good. Can’t wait for Silver Tongued Devil !!


    1. Lynn WT said:

      so excited for the Silver Tongued Devil! I’ve bought and read all the rest of the series.


  19. Lisa Rounsley said:

    Thanks for the newsletters
    1. Adorable granddaughter
    2. Will have to try the salad with the egg
    3. Thanks for the new author suggestions
    4. Thanks for the Netflix suggestions
    5. ❤️New McKay Book❤️


  20. Karen Harbur said:

    I’m looking very excited about the Silver Tongued Devil Ebook and I’m awaiting information on the audiobook to add to my collection!


  21. Lisa Rounsley said:

    Loved the newsletter!!!


  22. Moran said:

    Sarina Bowen is an auto buy author for me as well.
    I read Sure Shot on release week and it was amazing.
    I can’t wait for Silver Tongue Devil 🤩🤩


  23. Linda McCoy said:

    So happy you have a new book coming out. Cant wait


  24. Jan Belk said:

    This was a good newsletter. The grandbaby is adorable! I can’t wait for the new book.


  25. Angie Rasmussen said:

    Can’t wait for the new book. 🤗


  26. Pam said:

    Thanks for the book recommendations! Always looking for something new to read, Sea of Ruin sounds amazing!


  27. Jennifer Marshall said:

    I’ve torn through almost every hockey romance I can find, and I do love the Brooklyn Bruisers series. I haven’t seen many people talking about hockey romance! I admit I found it weird when I first heard of it as a sub genre cuz I couldn’t get my brain around “but their equipment must smell really bad”.

    I’m re-reading, via audiobook, random Blacktop Cowboys books as I do boring stuff at work and my goodness the character voices get so in my head it’s hard for me to refocus on my own writing voice when I sit down to do it. Not complaining, I just think it’s neat. Also, Scarlet Chase is an amazing narrator.

    The Wrong Missy is for sure in my queue because Roman Reigns has my whole heart.


  28. Paula Abel said:

    How do you have time to watch anything at all, with all the reading you do.


  29. Jo said:

    Your grand baby is absolutely beautiful.I can’t wait for Silver Tongue Devil. I love all your books you are an amazing writer. ❤️


  30. Gwen Petty said:

    I’m almost done with Racked and Stacked. I don’t know how I missed it. I’m loving it of course. I can’t wait for me!!


  31. Caroline said:

    It’s been sooo long! Thanks!


  32. Debra Wolsleben said:

    Very cute granddaughter! Next time your buns turn out so dense try using them sort of like a bagel 🥯 And the veggie dish sounds super yummy 😋


  33. Trish Kuss said:

    Super cute granddaughter! Glad you were able to see your family.


  34. Ellen Anderson said:

    So glad you got to see that grandbaby. Nothing like those little ones!
    So looking forward to Silver Tongue Devil.


  35. Dionne Dyer said:

    Those mixed greens sound absolutely wonderful, I love a runny egg dressing. this was a fantastic newsletter and of course I am very excited about the next book release. And always happy for more news of the little one.


  36. Tambra Byrne said:

    Cuteness overload for sure with the grandbaby. That is the thing I have missed the most with this pandemic. The hugs from my 11 grandkids.

    I’ll never get through my gazillionth reread of the Rough Riders series before the new one comes out.


  37. Amanda Smith said:

    Your granddaughter is so cute. She just looks so happy. I am so jealous of you cooking skills. The dishes looked Amazing. I am so excited for the new book.


  38. Stacy G said:

    Your granddaughter is adorable! 💕 I’ve never read Sarina Bowen so thanks for the suggestion. I’m a home made mashed potatoes person but in all honesty I’ve never eaten the box kind. Lol
    And I can’t wait for next week 😏❤️


  39. kc said:

    I’ve yet to find a grandparent that doesn’t believe their’s is the most wonderful, cutest, adorable, etc grandbaby in the world, but yep, she is a cutie! Such a sweet face!
    When you try the buns again, check the expiration date on your baking soda or baking powder, whichever you used. Also, do you store your flour in the fridge or freezer? I do & realized it was packing down, so I sift it 3 times before putting it into the baking. That & don’t overmix. No guarantees but I’ve had problems with those parts before.
    I LOVE Moana! Such a marvelous feel all thru it & yes, Dwayne Johnson is a delight! But I’m strange; I didn’t like Frozen. I greatly prefer Tangled and never understood why folks didn’t go crazy over it instead of Frozen…but then, maybe I’d heard that song too many times before I even saw Frozen…
    Family has gone with boxed mashed potatoes for years–follow the recipe & you can’t tell the difference, plus so much easier, less heat/steam pumping into the air (major in the summer!)…and now I’m hungry for country fried steak! No cubed steak around, but I do have some sausage…cooked sausage in country gravy over cubed, nuked (microwaved) potatoes…that shouldn’t take very long tonight! Yum!
    Looking forward to a new McKay! I have the urge to reread but I’m trying to stick to new titles for a couple weeks–I do so much rereading! Thanks!


  40. Dar Good said:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the books you read, they were all fantastic! Thank you for more McKay’s and can’t wait for the new book 🙂


  41. Barb said:

    Gotta say…cutest baby evah! Thought Hollywood was great but… did not care for how they changed Rock Hudson’s life. So looking forward to Silver Tongued Devil!


  42. Santanna said:

    I love your books! Your granddaughter is so cute! I think I’ll definitely look into some of the books you read they look so good. I’m so excited for Silver Tongued Devil!


  43. Anne Stevens said:

    Those books look super interesting!! They are on my to-read list now. Kristen Ashley looks especially intriguing.

    That baby is adorable! I loved when mine were that age. So fun!


  44. Brenda said:

    Love, love this series and I can’t wait for Silver-Tongued Devil! I started watching Dummy…and I love anything with Anna Kendrick! Right now, I am watching Ripper Street on Netflix…it is the police department in Whitechapel handling crimes while not letting Ripper’s methods cloud their detective skills. Thank you for gifting us with another incredible story. Be safe!


  45. Maritza said:

    Love the book recommendations.
    The baby is cute. I wish I had family nearby with a bay, I haven’t held a baby in years


    1. Shelly Wegand said:

      Whew sounds like you have been busy. The little one sure is a cutie. Great book suggestions


  46. Christi Loney said:

    I make my mashed potatoes from a box too. My mom is mortified, but I go for quick and easy. Plus my kids prefer the box stuff. I haven’t tried country gravy from a mix, but now I really want to since it is Lorelei approved!

    I am so glad with all that is happening you were able to spend time with your beautiful granddaughter. She will cherish every minute she gets to spend with you! I can’t wait for the new book!


  47. Jeanine Lesperance said:

    I love the book recommendations and will for sure check them out. I can’t wait for your new book also!


  48. Christine Clark said:

    such an adorable grand baby. Going to check out some of those book recommendations! Thanks for the suggestions. Have a great and safe month.


  49. Sandy Eigner said:

    I love your books. I am really looking forward to your release. You granddaughter is adorable.


  50. Michelle D Holden said:

    I cannot wait for Silver Tongued Devil to come out and will be calling in sick that day for sure!

    Your mashed potato story cracks me up. My mom always made boxed mashed potatoes and my husband (boyfriend at the time) had NEVER had boxed mashed potatoes in his life. He was never rude but he was shocked about boxed mashed potatoes. Needless to say I never served him boxed mashies, I learned to make them from scratch and can honestly say they are one of the best things I make.

    Glad you got to see your grandbaby 😀 I am sure that was a nice boost/pick me up over this quarantine. It is nice seeing the grocery stores having fuller shelves these days. I worked every day and still got the quarantine 15, but that is partially on my employer as for 2 1/2 months straight they catered lunch for us every day. Things finally opened back up here this week. I got to go to my favorite store today, Hallmark, but since my son was with me and being a total pain in the ass, I spent a record low of like $35.

    I will be stalking your pages even more looking for your book and my well earned sick day 😀


  51. Krissa said:

    So excited for new McKay book!


  52. Jenny Black said:

    Baby girl is so cute! I bet its so fun to spend time with her.
    We love Moana too (although Rapunzel is still first in my daughter’s heart), and being that Jasmine is my favorite of the Disney Princesses I was apprehensive for the live action version as well. But I feel that they did a better job of it than some of the others that they have done.


  53. Bobbie Sue Kearse said:

    Omg, I can’t wait for this book. I’m wanting to watch that Hollywood series also! Now that grand baby is gorgeous!


  54. Jeanne said:

    I’m looking forward to the new book! Thanks for giving us this peek onto your world.


  55. TERI A MAYS said:

    Can’t wait to read this and see how it all started


  56. Pearl Moreno said:

    Can’t wait for the new book. But I got hook on Kathleen Brooks books and have been re-read them and the new ones that she release. But I just start read a new series ghost mountain wolf shifters from Audrey Faye. It is a good series can’t seam to put it down.


  57. Pearl Moreno said:

    I have been reading ghost mountain wolf shifters from Aubrey Faye it’s a really good series. Can’t wait for another McKay book


  58. Juliana Forrest-Lytle said:

    I can’t wait for the new book! Love your writing!


  59. Vicki said:

    Can’t wait for the new book!


  60. Debra Bard said:

    Just finished a month of nonstop work. Looking forward to some down time. Catch up on my reading…love your books. Reaching out to family and friends and just chillin’. I am a big fan of all Disney. Moana is at the top of my list of favorites.


  61. Shae said:

    Cannot wait for the Silver Tongued Devil. This series maybe my favorite of all time. Though I do love everything you write.


  62. Monica said:

    Love when you give TVs updates. During this time haven’t watched a lot of tv because nothing seemed worthwhile. Now I have a few to check out. Kristen Ashley is a must buy for me too and I loved her new series start. I especially loved that she used Facebook to ask her readers questions about character names and pets. Lots of fun to have input in a story.


  63. Janice Clark said:

    I’ve already won so I’ll take my name off the table for that. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your updates and books and am looking forward to the new nook. I am on “Cowboy Casanova” in my reread of the rough rider series. What fun!


  64. Kathleen O said:

    That is one cute baby!! And I can’t wait for the next Rough Rider book!!


  65. Ruth Smithson said:

    So excited for STD to come out! Also glad you are enjoying your grandbaby.


  66. Anne Fortunato said:

    I can’t wait for your newest book…I think I’ve read all of yours. They are soooo good.


  67. Joye said:

    Looks like you have been busy.
    What a sweet child.
    Enjoyed the newsletter


  68. Jean Patton said:

    Looking forward to the new book


  69. pamela mcculley said:

    love this hope it’s not the last one.


  70. Lesley Lindsey said:

    So excited for more Rough Riders! It’s probably the only series by any author I read that I go back to and read over and over again.


  71. Charlene George said:

    Makes my blood boil and ache down South! There may be snow on the roof but the fire is blazing in the furnace 💞💞💞💞💞


  72. Nan said:

    I’ll be looking for your new book, hopefully in-store. With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s taking longer for EVERYTHING to get on the store shelves.

    Your baby girl is really sweet. Glad you got to spend time with her. I want so badly to see my new great-grandson. I’ve only seen him in person once since the lock-ins and shut-downs, etc. My granddaughter sends me pictures and videos that helps me get through the days. I feel like I’m missing so much!


  73. SARAH TAYLOR said:

    Your Granddaughter is so Adorable sounds like you have been a very busy Lady Thank you for the amazing newsletter! Cant wait for your New Book! Love The cover!


  74. Elisa said:

    Looking forward to reading your new book!

    Currently reading Caged. Loving it!!! About 75% complete.

    Out of all the characters from this series, I like Molly the most. She’s proven herself to be tough and not beaten down after being mugged in the first book. Thanks LJ! I’ve loved every one of your books!


  75. flchen1 said:

    Your granddaughter is such a sweetheart! And I’m drooling over your chicken fried steak–that is not something I’ve ventured to tackle at home yet! Love your recommendations–not that I need to add more to my TBR! And can’t wait for Silver-Tongued Devil!


  76. Pamela Gomes said:

    You’re a brave woman, attempting hamburger buns. I attempted brioche and got no rise and for the first time didn’t finish the recipe. Working on your recommendation of Yellowstone and can I say Wow! Hope to not be too far behind when season 3 starts.

    Looking forward to the new book…


  77. Alisa Boisclair said:

    I cannot wait for Silver-Tongued Devil. The blurb you posted on FB blew me away.


  78. Graciela said:



  79. Robin L. Cobb said:

    Loved the egg idea. Looked yummy. Been teaching my youngest to fry chicken and he made fried chicken and gravy the other night.


  80. Melisha Bonnette said:

    I’m always here for more Rough Riders books! Can’t wait!!


  81. Joy Jenner said:

    So excited for this book!!!!


  82. Lynne Lee said:

    Your granddaughter is beautiful. Thank you so much for the book suggestions. I will definitely be looking at these authors books. I can’t wait for your new book to be released!!


  83. Aly P said:

    You had a really full month! I can’t wait to read the book, it’s on my e-reader, I just need the tiiiiime 😀
    PS: You have a wonderful granddaughter


  84. Paula Monroe said:

    I will definitely purchase Pam Godwin’s book after your review. And I will probably watch Hollywood on Netflix. I appreciate your reviews.


  85. Paula Monroe said:

    I will definitely purchase Pam Godwin’s book “Sea of Ruin” after your review. And I will probably watch Hollywood on Netflix. I appreciate your reviews.


  86. bn100 said:

    interesting movies


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