Man Candy Monday #568

June 14, 2021


Think he likes what he sees? I know I do. 😉

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  1. Janice said:

    Lose the shorts, lose the shorts, lose the shorts. Just trying to telegraph to him what I’m hoping for. (Some more of that hot body.)


  2. Liz Duncan said:

    I have to tell you just how awesome you are. Since I lost my husband in 2016, I get reminded every Monday that I still have eyes and boy do I enjoy using them!!!


  3. K. A Bylsma said:

    I, for one, am getting tired this pose and the pose where it looks as if he’s checking to see if his deodorant is working! How about lounging against a wall , arms crossed, or the like?


  4. Kim B said:

    oh yes I know I’m ready to go.


  5. Elisa A said:

    He’s just taking a breather. Before going down for another 100 push-ups.


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