All About April – Lorelei’s Monthly Wrap-Up – and a choose-your-own prize CONTEST!

May 9, 2020

April seemed every bit as long as March. Thankfully, I was able to concentrate on writing, which is good for me and you all 🙂 When I started making this list, I had to backtrack to a couple of things I missed from the previous month.  CONTEST INFO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST!


Tiger King — (Netflix series) –YES, I wasted hours of my life on this. UGH. 100% regret.


Picard — series, (CBS All-Access) –As a lifelong HUGE TREKKIE I’d been pumped for this series since it was announced. While I liked it, I really liked the cameos of the characters from TNG and 7of9. I thought it was interesting that the “Federation” wasn’t the perfect entity it had been presented as in previous series. I will watch the second season simply because…even meh Star Trek is better than NO Star Trek. And yes, I’m counting down the days until Star Trek Discovery returns!



11-22-63  (Hulu series)  — Usually anything that has to do with JFK conspiracies is an automatic pass for me (as is anything with Jack the Ripper). But put Stephen King’s original work with JJ Abrams’ directing and vision, and James Franco’s acting skills and it became a powerhouse of talent. I loved it way more than I ever thought I would.



Yellowstone series (Paramount Network, but purchased through Amazon) seasons 1 & 2 — I honestly don’t know what held me back from watching this series. I love Costner. Obviously I live westerns — haha — especially family saga westerns that deal with modern day ranching issues. To say I LOVED THIS is putting it mildly. John Dutton could be Carson McKay…just sayin’. This series reminded me if someone mixed up my Rough Riders series, my Julie Collins mystery series with a little bit of my Mercy Gunderson series thrown in. Obviously I am looking forward to season 3 which premieres in June. As to Beth…I’m still on the fence about her.


Once Upon A Time in Hollywood — movie — I’m not a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino’s work, but the premise of this intrigued me, mostly because I remember the summer of Manson. I was maybe 4 or 5 and it was such a sensational thing that happened to Sharon Tate, it haunted and worried little Lori. This is an interesting take on TV stars, changing times, the price and downfall of fame…I really liked it a lot.

Quibi — (phone app) I signed up for the 90 day free trial for this service just to see what it was. It’s episodic shows that last between 6 and 9 minutes, with new content being delivered every week day. Mr. James and I watched The Most Dangerous Game (I loved that short story)– which was very well done, but I will admit I wish I had a bigger phone screen. The most interesting thing will be to see if this short form entertainment takes off. I’ve watched a couple of other things but I’ll save them for next month. This app is still free for 90 days, so really, what are you out for trying it?




I read 2 research books that I can’t share the subject matter because it’s a secret project — Sorry.  My reading was limited this month because I was writing, but I did manage to finish a couple of books. Again, the “meh” ones don’t get a mention.


The Dare (an ARC) — by Elle Kennedy, releasing June 16th — Elle and I are friends and it is super cool when you love your friend’s writing and she texts you and asks if you want an ARC of her upcoming book. I can’t give anything away about this except to say I LOVED IT. Elle’s books never disappoint me. Readers are in for a treat with this one.


You Deserve Each Other — by Sarah Hogle, out now — this is a debut author and this book did not read like a debut. It was funny and poignant and wry, dealing with an engaged couple who *believed* they’d fallen out of love with each other and set out to make the other person break up with them. I laughed out loud a couple of times and I look forward to reading more from this author.


I truly did not need to make banana bread, but I did and ate it right up. I truly did not need to make this mixed berry pie from frozen fruit I had on hand either, but I did and it was delicious. Mr. James is the crust master and he mixed up and rolled out the crusts while I created the filling. I’m more like Vi McKay in that I would use premade crusts if I could 🙂 But doesn’t this look lovely?




I think this is a joke, but DAMMIT I WANT IT — so if you can make it happen, Lorelei would be grateful —


Our oldest daughter is in healthcare. She tested negative for covid19 — Sending love and THANKS to all the essential workers!!!


CONTEST INFO — so I like to give things away to my readers who take the time to read my blog posts and leave comments. I never know what to give away so this month will be winner’s choice! A signed book or 2 from my backlist mailed to you, or a $25 giftcard from Amazon, or $25 bucks paid via Paypal or Venmo, or a piece of jewelry from my prize stash…So leave a comment about YOUR month, what you loved, hated, watched, etcl, and what would be your prize choice should you randomly be selected to win. Share this post with your friends because the more comments I get, the more inclined I am to give away multiple prizes! Winner will be announced NEXT SATURDAY the 16th ~

Stay safe peeps 💋



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  1. Michele Ficht said:

    I’ve stayed in all month. COVID is bad in Michigan. I’ve done a lot of reading. Would love signed books from you! I’ve been reading your stories forever 😍 Thanks for the chance! Good luck to everyone.


    1. katie Chomas said:

      I am working from home and my husband is laied off..I’m not sure how I havent killed him yet. We have just been hanging out at home waiting for it to warm up se we can get our garden planted.


    2. Amy P. said:

      I enjoyed my month with my family & our country life. I only didn’t like not seeing my parents or being able to shop like normal. We spent time outside as well playing games & watching movies with dinner together. I’d love either a signed book, $25 gift card for Amazon or piece of jewelry.


    3. Sylvain .P. said:

      I spent my month with my family. I fixed my car & did special things with my family like dance contests & games. I’d like to get the piece of jewelry or Amazon gift card for my wife.


    4. nancy george said:

      Busy month of teaching from home – online – I have become well-versed in Zoom– and I don’t much care for it…would rather be with my kids!
      Taking breaks and getting outside with my camera… Finally got the eagle I have been stalking and he let me get within 10 feet of him….i was so happy i teared up! Our school is not reopening this year so I have about another month of online work. Can’t wait for this crap to end! Be Safe!!


  2. Jean Patton said:

    What I loved about the month, was that I was able to see the Baltimore Orioles come back, have been enjoying seeing their bright colors and loud voices as they come to the feeder. Gives me hope that spring is coming and that will be finally able to get out and garden.


  3. Kerry said:

    April was a busy month for I work in healthcare and trying to stay safe made for a busy month along with hunting down toilet paper lol I have caught up on my TNR list on my kindle and I can’t wait for Yellowstone think I am going to rewatch all seasons, and my fave on the show is RIP. All the prizes sound great , but would like the gift card or $25 thru PayPal because I am working on projects for my back porch


  4. Vicki B said:

    Oh Lorelei, thank you for the honesty! Your comment about 100% regret for a thing Tiger King nearly had me spewing coffee in laughter. You’re the best! I’ve been reading, reading, and avoiding housework. It’s been lovely. What a great excuse. Now pardon me while I go read another romance.


  5. Mary C said:

    Currently watching the MASH series on DVD . We’re just finishing our seventh week in lock down. Unfortunately, construction is going on outside our back door, so five days a week we get to listen to construction vehicles and hear/feel the mini explosions that are set off daily.
    Fortunately, family is well, but the increased hostility toward Asians is a concern.

    I would love a signed print copy of a Rough Riders book – have them all in digital.


    1. Debra Bard said:

      Trying to watch all that is on the DVR. Working, I am considered “essential personnel”. No I do not work at a hospital. I have worked long days. On the plus side. There is no traffic to and from the airport. It amazes me how many speeders and reckless driving there is. And why do people not obey stop signs and red lights?
      When I am home, I have started to cook great meals; Comfort foods. Meatloaf, goulash, real fried chicken.
      Most importantly quality time with my husband. We celebrated our 43rd Wedding Anniversary on April 30.


  6. Vicki B said:

    Oh Lorelei, thank you for the honesty! Your comment about 100% regret for watching Tiger King nearly had me spewing coffee in laughter. You’re the best! I’ve been reading, reading, and avoiding housework. It’s been lovely. What a great excuse. Now pardon me while I go read another romance.


    1. Stacy Giordano said:

      March did seem to drag on… Even though I am still going to work every day my eating has gotten out of control. I’ll call it sympathy eating for everyone who is stuck at home. Yeah that sounds good. I spent too much money with online shopping, been listening to audio books and making plans on what I want to get done around the house. (the actual going through with those plans hasn’t quite happened yet). Tomorrow is another day 😊


  7. Shirley Long said:

    Last couple of months have been different to say the least. The staying home hasn’t really bothered me because I’m retired and stay home a lot anyway. But, I guess just knowing that I couldn’t go out to eat lunch with friends really bothered me. The worst part, by far, has been not being able to go to get my great-grand-daughter to spend the weekend with us. Haven’t seen her since 3/18 which is the longest time we’ve ever gone without seeing her since she’s been alive. (she’ll be 9 in July) And we still dont’ know when we’ll feel comfortable getting her. My husband has severe COPD so we’re having to be extra vigilant about what we do. No one is coming into our house until our county levels off a little. Texas is opening back up but our county has gone nuts the last couple of weeks. Not really watching much on TV ~~ Outlander, SEAL team, Station 19, Law & Order SVU ~~ all the usual. I’m doing more reading than anything else. Which really helps with the mental attitude. I walk outside 30 min in the morning and 30 min in the afternoon. Not only for health reasons, but because it also helps keep me sane. Thank God we live in the country with no close neighbors so I can be outside whenever I want with no worries.
    If I were lucky enough to win, I’d definitely want the signed books. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Stay well…………………………………


  8. Ginger Savage said:

    Loved- Tiger King, Reruns of Golden Girls, Twitter (yes Twitter less mean then Facebook!) Mrs America on Hulu, Outlander, Loved following National Cowboy Museum on Twitter.
    Hated- Facebook conspiracy theories, the emotional roller coaster that is every day…. no haircut in months, not seeing my son.
    Just read Audrey Caplan and another author Love in Quarantine. Loved!
    Made too.many things with bananas, some stellar ice cream
    Never Again: tp jokes, conspiracy theories, mean people,


  9. robbi minden said:

    This month was spent making & giving away face masks to those that needed them that couldn’t afford or were essential workers that weren’t provided with enough PPE. Mainly masks that were not washable but were expected to wear repeatedly; multiple days, multiple shifts (my Friend, a pharmacist, my daughter & her other co-Workers, pharmacy techs that work at our local CVS) I did this until my sewing machine decided it was tired & dirty. I ended up taking it to my sewing machine repair shop. So until that is fixed, along with my other sewing machine I had that was my mother’s that needed cleaning & tuneup too. I decided to watch the “Last Kingdom” (Netflix), catch up on NCIS New Orleans-(missed last season entirely) and read Shayla Black’s “wicked as Sin & Wicked All the Way”, then Vanessa Vale’s “Wolf Ranch 1:Rough” great books BTW.


  10. Dar said:

    I love your monthly wrap ups, and am so happy you are back to blogging! I was still working this past month, but it was the month I was supposed to start to do thing around the house to get ready to sell it. With my nest long since empty, I don’t need all this space, and every cat does not need their own room. But, everything was on such a standstill, I couldn’t find the energy or the will to do anything. May will be that month, and I already have lists and energy to get me going 🙂


  11. Amanda said:

    I stayed home all last month except for going on a few walks around the neighborhood. I haven’t been to any store in more than 2 months. I’m thankful that my husband has a job still when so many don’t. I don’t watch much tv, my kids and I have made homemade orange sorbet, lemon sorbet. Id love to win any of your books.


  12. Tammy casteel said:

    I have been working a couple days a week feeding the kids in my school district and reading in my off time


  13. T said:

    Love Yellowstone too! Totally reminds me of your tough riders. Hard pass on tiger king. Just started watching Hollywood on Netflix. Episode one was kinda hot with Dylan McDermott running an escort service out of a gas station . Instagram – following Leslie Jordon and he’s hilarious . Happy May!


  14. Melissa Hillman said:

    My April… and more work. Im not on the front lines or anything. Im working from home for a national payroll company. I work with hundreds of small businesses and most were scrambling trying to access sba loans or keep people on payroll when the country seemed to shut down. Very stressful. My two adult children live nearby but only saw them each once.. Gotta love the conversations outside from the porch. One had a covid scare but ended up testing negative. Crazy times!! Spent every free moment i could with a book or on audible as escape. The McKays are my favorite family ever!


  15. Jeanine L'Esperance said:

    I just got Paramount so I could watch Yellowstone. I need Hulu now too. Mostly I work days from home and take the dog on walks. Life is really very simple


  16. Debra Goldberg said:

    My month was a continuation of isolation. My hubby made the runs to the grocery and drug stores. I spent way too much time on the computer and stalking people through their facebook with no privacy settings. Funny, the lives most bragged on aren’t really so special. In the evenings, we decided on watching the Prime series ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel’. A little slow at the first two episodes, it picked up speed and was delightful! Now we look forward to the third season being released. The costuming is enough reason to watch this. Now…I would absolutely love to win 2 of your books. I have read so much of your published works that I would hope there would be some on the list that would be new to me. Love your writing and style. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you! Happy Mother’s Day!


  17. Kate Sparks said:

    We’re retired and so we’re already practiced at staying at home. Hubby has gone out on his bike some and has done the grocery shopping. We knew the shut down was coming and did a major groceries shop. A nurse friend mailed us a box of paper masks she had from a few years ago home nursing. She’s going into our will!! LOL!! Neither of us are extraverts, either. And we don’t have any family locally.


  18. Heidi Harris said:

    I love reading your posts! The last 2 months have been frustrating but also rewarding. I teach 3rd grade and I have learned a lot with online learning! I also realized I have more patience than I thought!


  19. Caroline said:

    I’ve been using up sick time so I don’t lose it when I retire. So I’ve been gardening when it’s nice, and reading and quilting when it’s not. My niece just delivered her first baby yesterday, and my whole family is healthy, so everything is good! I’d love a signed book or gift card, thank you!


  20. Aly P said:

    Hi Lorelei!
    I’ve watched all 120 episodes of Madam Secretary and loved it and I reread the Kate Daniels series <3
    I didn't need to make Pavlovas, banana bread, chocolate lava cake, creme brulee, apple strudel… but I did *sigh*
    If I won I'd love Cowgirl Up and Ride and Gone Country.
    Thank you and I can;t wait to see what you're working on!


  21. Hope said:

    You’ve sold me on watching Yellowstone! We’ve watched a lot of history documentaries and all of the Toy Story movies (still providing daycare for the granddaughters!)

    I’ve spent April dealing with work issues (sigh) and making Dutch apple pies.


  22. Jayme said:

    Was long and did not get to celebrate my birthday with my sister and her husband.


  23. Lirva said:

    We’ve been addicted to Yellowstone since Season 1m and re-watched Season 1 before watching Season 2. Looking forward to Season 3 coming June 21. John Dutton could be Carson McKay, but I can’t decide if Kayce Dutton is Colby, Cord or Colby McKay. It’s been awhile since I read the series, but since they are still up in the cloud on my Kindle I can re-read. Beth is certainly an enigma, but I love her, and Kelly Reilly is an amazing actress. I have Spun Out and the Need You Series on my Kindle to read in the next few days. We are retired so are used to staying home but miss the freedom to visit our daughter in Denver. Haven’t seen her since December 26 and it is the longest we’ve gone without seeing her. She was born 27 years ago, when I was 41 and my husband was 49 (I know we are late bloomers) but it has been worth every minute. My husband’s birthday was May 1, so I made him a Fruit Cocktail Cake from a recipe I got when I was in Home Economics 52 years ago. It has a gazillion calories because the topping is like German chocolate cake topping but 10 times better. Do they even teach home economics anymore? Your mixed berry pie looks delicious, but I would use premade crusts as I am not particularly good at making pie crusts from scratch. Stay safe and healthy.


  24. Kelly said:

    I have stayed home most of the time. Only excitement outside has been to go to doctors appts or pick up groceries from curbside. Living the dream I tell ya. Lol. I’ve watched a few things on Netflix. Only thing all the way through was Tiger King, of course. I’ve read a lot of books. And played a lot of games on my laptop and kindle. My favorite part has been FaceTiming with my grandson (miss him terribly) everyday. My least favorite has been lack of physical activity. I’ve sucked working out. And I’m a personal trainer. 😂

    If I was chosen, I’d love either a signed book or a piece of your jewelry stash. 😁 I don’t dress up much anymore but love me some good bling when I do. Lol.


  25. Moran said:

    I’m binge watching NCIS on Netflix. I’m on season 9. I keep trying to watch new shows but nothing interest me 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
    I read a lot during April and my favourite books were The Ivy Years series by Sarina Bowen 😍😍😍
    I’m still working from home and if it was up to me I would keep doing it for good. I don’t miss the office at all and especially not taking the bus to and from work.
    I’m glad all my family are safe and healthy and I just hope my sister and brother in law will find jobs soon 🤞🤞
    I would love to win an Amazon gift card , I have all your books in print and international shipping is just too expensive so as much as I would love to have more signed books by you I feel it’s just too much bother for you.


  26. Donna said:

    My world has been turned upside-down for over a year but in April it really got shook-up. Since mid-January my house has been for sale. A buyer came forward and we were within two weeks of closing when he decided to back out. Since I’d already reserved a moving company for a date in late April, I went ahead with relocating to NC. It’s been many years since I’ve lived with anyone and now I’m living with my mother!! Hopefully another buyer for my house comes through and I get a job soon.

    Have you seen the series “For All Mankind”? It’s on Apple TV+, which is currently free (for 30 days, I believe). The series is built on the premise that the USA was not first to the Moon and the space race never ended. So far I’ve watched the first two episodes and look forward to watching the remaining eight episodes. It’s been renewed for a second season.


  27. Jennifer Beyer said:

    My month was just more of the same. I have learned to shop for groceries online. I don’t know if I’ll keep shopping online after this pandemic gets better but it’s a cool option. I’ve enjoyed having everyone home for the first time in a long time. I’ve tried all sorts of new recipes. I really enjoyed The Lion King. I’ve visited a few of the big cat rescues so this series was an aha moment. It explained some of what I saw during my visits.


  28. Dionne Dyer said:

    First, quite happy to hear that everyone in your part of the world is safe these days. Banana bread is always a good choice, especially if you add chocolate chips in my personal opinion, but I’m very excited for the zucchini bread of the next few months. good things for me in April were getting to know my new puppy better, she is adjusting well to living here and I am very happy about it, lots and lots of lemons, I made lemon curd and then layered it with whipped cream and spice cookies, and breaking my reading slump by the end of the month. It’s very good to get back to Books again.
    I can’t read printed books, just don’t have the working eyesight for it, but if I win an Amazon gift card or a piece of jewelry would be very much appreciated.


  29. Stacy Giordano said:

    March did seem to drag on… Even though I am still going to work every day my eating has gotten out of control. I’ll call it sympathy eating for everyone who is stuck at home. Yeah that sounds good. I spent too much money with online shopping, been listening to audio books and making plans on what I want to get done around the house. (the actual going through with those plans hasn’t quite happened yet). Tomorrow is another day 😊


  30. Nicole said:

    love Love LOVE your stories. If I was to win, I’d like a piece of jewelry of your choice. I already have all of your books and while money is nice, it’s not personal.


  31. Michelle D Holden said:

    First off, I am very happy that your daughter is ok and continues to stay well. So happy you’re writing again. I cannot wait to read what you are writing.

    I also watched Tiger King and yes that is 7 1/2 hours I won’t get back. Whst I do love about Tiger King are all the funny memes, it’s no longer “Cruisin for a bruisin” it’s “Asking for a Baskin.”

    I work for a utility so I am still working daily, we did find out they moved up our cost of living increase (after 15 years I’m “topped out”) from July til this Monday and we’ll be getting a 2% raise 😀

    I am addicted to Yellowstone and cannot wait til June when the new season begins, I’ll probably watch the marathon on Paramount tomorrow since Hockey isn’t on.

    Have a great day


  32. Margie Hager said:

    Staying in hasn’t bothered me all that much. I am going to really miss the romance conferences that I planned to attend that were cancelled. I have one more scheduled in November. Here’s hoping that one doesn’t get cancelled.


  33. Gretchen said:

    My April involved teaching online which isn’t easy when you teach students with special needs. I would much rather be in the classroom. I am getting better with the technology and have video chats with them. They love to see pics of my new puppy and I’m trying to help them with work in other classes too. It’s nice both of my boys are home and I get to spend time with them:) My oldest is a junior in college and was studying abroad in Italy for architecture. He left after Christmas and was sent home March 3 due to the COVID-19 outbreak over there. My youngest is a senior and graduates valedictorian this month. It’s a lot different than what we pictured but given the circumstances it has to be. We have to keep everyone healthy and safe. I’ve had more time to read (or maybe make more time:) which is great and video chatting with my friend Shannon in Kentucky:) I also watched The Medici series on Netflix which was awesome. There were a lot of Game of Thrones actors in it and my oldest was in Florence which is where most of it takes place, so he enjoyed describing and telling us all about it. We were going over to visit during Easter break. Maybe another time down the road. Just thankful everyone in my family is staying healthy and staying home. My sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and nephew all work in healthcare. My nephew works the er so I’m constantly checking on him. Just waiting on the sun to shine so I can go outside or mow. It is snowing this weekend and in the 30s. Hello, it’s May…….welcome to Ohio, lol.


  34. Denise Johnson said:

    There is going to be a Yellowstone marathon tomorrow starting at 1:00! Can wait!


  35. Danielle said:

    Why does anyone waste their time watching TV, when a good book is much more satisfying. The only thing I watched and paid for was “Pride & Prejudice – the New Musical” on It’s delightful and funny and Darcy singing is a hoot. I’m a review blogger and have left reviews for you.


  36. Karen Lauterwasser said:

    Hi! I am still gainfully employed – who ever imagined that working at Target would make essential! When my public library closed I had about 65 books in the house (mostly requests that came my way as I worked through a lot of backlists, as I’ve relatively recently become a romance reader). So I’ve been working my way through those. Also some mysteries from authors I’ve been following for years. We’ve been ordering takeout once a week or so, to support our town restaurants. I baked and delivered cheesecakes for my two daughters’ April birthdays (maple cheesecake with cinnamon streusel topping and chocolate cheesecake, respectively). Glad that hear you are well. Thank you for the contest – if I won I’d love an autographed book (was that even on the list?). Or an Amazon card, so I can read more of your backlist!


    1. Alice said:

      Read a lot. Ran a few errands. Hung out with my dogs. But I mostly taught online for the first time. I miss my students.


  37. Lisa Seiters said:

    The last month and a half has been difficult for me. My father passed Mar 30 and got laid off from my job Apr 17 so I’ve spent my time on the phone settling my father’s estate. I escape with reading….and I have read all about the McKays, Blacktop Cowboys and the Lunds. Thank you for giving us readers wonderful worlds to enjoy.



      Oh Lisa that’s got to be very stressful for you. I’ve done that 3 times now with parents and step parents let alone under this type of duress. I hope all works out smoothly for you and yet get some time to relax and escape xxx <3


  38. Kathleen Bylsma said:

    Since I was at home due to risk factor ( and no pools open 😢 ) , mostly household stuff.
    Read lots, cleaned the mulch from garden bed, as it thawed, found some really bulbs I’d planted and corgi 😊


  39. Nancy Kehl said:

    Have worked from home since 3/23, and that has its pro’s and con’s. Have been on the fence about watching Tiger King…maybe someday. Have read several books, which is my favorite thing to do☺. Wishing everyone the best and hoping everyone stays safe and healthy!! Thanks for the chance!!


  40. Wioletta Slyk said:

    I did read a lot, but often re read books I loved. Had to do that remote schooling with my two girls, who are in 2nd and 4th grade ( I hate doing this). Didn’t watched any shows, what I like to watch is those crazy movies about tornados, sharks and I watched those on Prime.


  41. Christina Boronkas said:

    I am a driver so I worked until a buck ran into my car and its in the shop 🙁 So ive been watching so many things on hulu and prime video. I read a couple of books but im feeling cooped up here in michigan. Im so used to normal and now thats gone, I lost my job in March so its been a hard road. Im trying to listen to more music, since music is life and read more, I have plenty paperbacks and ebooks I just have to find something that catches my eye. I would love to win the $25 amazon gift card.


  42. Mary Preston said:

    I watched THE WITCHER and GODLESS. I am re-reading Terry Pratchett and Agatha Christie. I am knitting up a storm.


  43. Bobbi Barnes said:

    April was aaaaaaa crap! To put it bluntly lol. I’m glad we are done with it, now I just pray we don’t have to do it again. I’m home most of the time anyway due to my husband’s health, but not seeing grandkids is the worst! I did reread several your books as well as some others. Can’t wait for some new releases 😊. Good luck to everyone! Thanks for the chance to win something from you. You’re one of favorite authors ❤️


  44. ronda thayer said:

    I’ve been staying in and trying to stay safe. Do the whole homeschooling thing with my Granddaughter (Whom I’m raising.) I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix catching up on my watch list. Also doing a lot of reading. Just finished an ARC for Kitty Kendall.
    Thanks for this contest! I’ve been a huge fan for years! If I were to win I would love A signed book or 2 from you💕💕💕💕💕💕😁😜


  45. Jeanne Sheats said:

    I’ve just been told I start back to work on Monday. I’ve not left the house in 6 weeks and I still don’t feel safe but what can you do. A 25 Amazon GC would be great. Thanks.


  46. Melisha Bonnette said:

    At this point one day is just bleeding into the next and if not for waiting for my niece to go into labor (she will get induced Monday the 11th if baby girl decides she wants to stay nice and cozy where she is) I probably wouldn’t remember what day it is. I haven’t watched tv in more months than I can remember because I prefer to read. Mostly I read MM with the exception of a few favorite MF authors. I’ve been trying new recipes. My latest favorite is pineapple chicken stir fry that I served over jasmine rice. If I get picked I’d like an Amazon gift card please.


  47. Lynn Krachey said:

    For me the month was going to work and finishing projects around the house. Now that they are done I have to find some news ones. In the mean time I just read some more 🙂 Can’t wait for the another one your books


  48. Lisa Rounsley said:

    This past month started calving season and I decided to head to my boyfriends and spend social distancing with him, well of course help him with calving. He is even more rural than me so the only contact I have is with him and his 95 year old dad, and occasional brother. Loving all the new life and being able to help bring a life into this world is so amazing. Had to watch Game of Thrones again and now watching Longmire. Reading some and cooking way to much!
    Would love to win either signed books 💕 or the Amazon gift card to buy more books!!!


  49. Cathy MacDonald said:

    My daughter in law finally felt comfortable enough to have my granddaughters able to visit with me. She was concerned about me staying safe and healthy, but 24 hour chaos finally got to her and I lucked out.

    I adore them and missed them so much for those 5 weeks. Their joy and laughter lightens my heart.


  50. Rebecca Simson said:

    I live in Brooklyn and my family has been quarantining since early March . My husband is a traveling musician who is now out of work but the side benefit is he has been consistently home for the first time in 14 years. So there are some things to be grateful for. Spending quality time with my son and husband has been wonderful. We are healthy, fingers crossed, so I feel blessed. If I won, I would love a signed copy of my favorite Rough Riders – Branded as Trouble. Love your books!


  51. Stacy Perkins said:

    This last month I have been working. We are considered essential but I only have a 1/3 of my staff. Grateful to be working but exhausted from trying to do the work of many. My spare time is normally spent reading. I do have to work in chores such as dishes, laundry & mowing. Thank you for writing wonderful books that help us escape!!
    I’d love a signed book😍!!!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!!


  52. Pam Rauscher said:

    Did the same as you wasted my life watching Tiger King. Had to see what all the hype was about just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier it proved me wrong! Also watched some retro 80s movies. Otherwise reading and been working out. The best is I got a new job that I’ve been hoping the position would come up for awhile 6wks in 6wks out of a health centre in northern British Columbia.
    Would love a signed copy of one of your books! I don’t own any of them just take them out from the library, which is probably the worst part for me right now no libraries are open!


  53. Linda McCoy said:

    I have worked alot of hour this last month but when I get home it me and my kindle and the sexy men in your books. Signed books would be a treasure for me. Good luck and stay safe.


  54. Alice said:

    Hi there, it is hot. Didn’t put on the A/C today, it was suppose to be cooler. Ha ha. It is cooler temp is 83. Oh well, that’s all I need. With this Virus we have been cooped up since the beginning of March. By the looks of it we may be here another few weeks. I am going mad. Trying to keep my mom entertained every day, I think I need a vacation.
    Don’t have much time for reading except at night when I can’t sleep. So I get maybe an hour or two late at night. Lets see, so far I have cooked all her favorite dishes and now trying to rack my brain for tomorrow Mother’s day. I had my porch cleaned off and it looks all shinny. I called my brother and he will be coming over to see our mom for a little while. Told him he has to stay 6 feet apart and wear a face mask.
    That should keep my mom entertained for an hour or so.
    My son bless his soul, he does all the grocery shopping, prescription pick up, takes us both to our Dr. appt’s. although that hasn’t happened in the last two months. Now our appointments are over the phone.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you, enjoy it as much as we can.


  55. Cara Olson said:

    I work in an ICU in Florida, so my month has been busy and stressful, with no tv, and very few books, but it has also made me so grateful for my amazing family and all the kind people out there! If I win, I’d probably take a gift card to Amazon. Thank you for the chance!


  56. Faith Worthen said:

    this month has been good for me. I get to work from home. I love reading but never have enough time. To read as much as I want. I have managed to make a dent in my reading list.


  57. Bookerina Lovington said:

    April was up and down for me all around. My bday was at the beginning of the month, and I was going to celebrate with my parents who I’m shel-teaming with, but they got sick with what we suspect was the virus. Even though it wasn’t my first bday alone, spending the day scared for my parents and not being able to get a hug or anything sucked. Since then, things have gotten better, but I feel like its been just an entire month of highs and lows. On the plus side, I’ve watched a lot of old romantic comedy movies and have gotten into a few new book series (Curse of the Gods by Jaymin Eve… heartily recommend).


  58. Pamela S Hayes said:

    I work for a College in central Florida and still working remotely. I drop into campus a couple of times a week to collect mail and water our off plants.
    Hope to be back in the office on the 18th,
    Everyone stay safe


  59. Dorothy said:

    I’m a nurse in a retirement home. My April was spent having to watch my residents be isolated (thankfully none positive for Covid), going to work and going home. My cat did have some kittens, which has created some joy. I usually just watch PBS Create when I’m home. Did make some masks, and have started a quilting project, but it is a work in progress. Hated April so much that I surprised my residents with May Day flowers on my day off.


  60. Samantha Lee said:

    Dannnng, ya really didn’t like Tiger King? I ate that up and the TikToks about Carol Baskin all the way!

    I mean, you know what I’m reading, I tweeted I’m powering back through the Rough Rider series (still my favorite is Cord and AJ! Them older mens man, they just get me going).

    I, obviously, watched Tiger King as well. I started watching Ozark on Netflix, it’s pretty good. Jason Bateman has turned from hella awkward to hella hottie in my book. And whenever I’m doing housework or writing, I usually have the Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star limited series (?) documentary vlogging on Youtube. Just something about my favorite YouTuber creating his palette that has sold out like three times and seeing Jeffree Star’s cosmetic company and what he went from, having $500 to his name to buying a 16 million dollar mansion (pretty sure it was that much if not more), is inspiring me to keep up my hustle.

    I also watched Annihilation on Hulu, wow that’s a trip, definitely a twist!

    Other than that, I’ve been workings lining phones and keeping people connected. Waiting for the gyms to open because my lungs and the outside spring air do not compute.


  61. Lori said:

    April for me, was many long work days. I work for a biotech company that makes medicines, so we can’t slow down at all. I love having my college age daughter home with me, and we’ve spent many hours playing and discussing Animal Crossing, LOL. I’m missing my oldest daughter who lives in a group home. This will be our first Mother’s Day apart. I feel lucky that my family and friends remain healthy and I pray for the well being of our front line workers.


  62. Denise Bowers said:

    I stopped reading for a while since I read a crappy book. So I had to fine my love of reading again I started reading Long Hard Ride. When I fall out of love I have to reread the Rough Rider Series. This is my 4th times rereading the series.


  63. Angie Rasmussen said:

    My month was long. Working from home and trying to help my girls with e-learning was stressful to say the least. But I’ve read 13 books since mid-March and had maybe too much wine. I’m calling it a win. We only have 4 more days of e-learning left!


  64. Erica M said:

    I am an essential worker for the post office. I am working the same hours as before. I am binge watching a lot of shows on my hulu. I only go to the stores as necessary and I wear a mask inside at all times. My Step Mom testes positive, but she is completely recovered and back to work. I have a baby blanket I should be crocheting, but haven’t gotten around to starting it because of all my tv watching, and reading.


  65. Heather said:

    My month has been a roller coaster with all the highs and lows! I’d like to say while I love my child, having him home 24/7 is maddening!! Teenage years, here I thought toddlerhood was bad. Staying up all night and then sleeping until 2 everyday. He can get away with this since I’ve been working through this pandemic. When I haven’t been at work it been working on the fixer upper I bought 2 years ago! While I know the end product will be worth it I’m mentally smacking myself on a hourly basis. As disheartening as it is with the weather turning I have not picked up a book in over a month, to much yard work! Think I may have to start Ozark, according to few people I’ve talked with over the last few months I remind them of a girl from the show. Ha we shall see if that’s good or bad.
    After writing all this I can see I live a very boring life of work, homework, and yelling at my child to do his homework! Hope everyone stays safe and sane!


  66. Audrey Stewart said:

    I had a meltdown in the frozen food section of the Food Lion Grocery Store. I just saw all the mask, the gloves and having to stand on a blue dot. My husband had to take me to the car. I have also been wearing a mask and gloves for weeks now. I lost my job because of the pandemic. I shelter elderly rescue cats. I have 9. Thank goodness for the donations I have recieved to feed them. Most are so old that they have no teeth. I am hating this whole experience.


  67. JUDY D BOYLE said:

    I agree with you. I absolutely love Yellowstone. And it really does remind me of Carson McKay. Love your books. Thank you for giving me the cowboys to get thru this quarantine. Lol


  68. Darlene said:

    My month has gone pretty well. I started watching Jane the Virgin and Call the Midwife! Love them both! But now Dead to me is back! So excited! I’ve also been watching lots of OLD movies with my boys! We’ve laughed a lot!


  69. joanna biggs said:

    This month has been a roller coaster. My oldest has become unbearable because she’s all done be sticking at home. My youngest is making leaps in bounds in learning alphabet and writing. I’m thankful for rum and long walks and books all the books. Also grateful my hubs is able to work and provide since I haven’t been able to work and for helping me stay sane. I have read 138 this year. Currently reading the hot damn series by Robyn peterman.


  70. Kristine R said:

    Happy Mother’s Day Everyone! This past month I gotten to reading manga in the genres of fantasy, romance, comedy and action; a total of six series so far. I’ve also been going through watching 80’s teen flicks and horror movies. Hope you all continue to stay safe.


  71. Terr Scarangella said:

    We have been staying in, nothing exciting going on. The girls live by me here in fl. I miss our dinners and game nights


  72. Kristin Lidinsky said:

    Spent April working from home, reading, running, biking and cooking-a lot. Have tried to bake bread a few times but not too successful. Have loved your books and would be thrilled to get two signed ones. Watching Outlander, Into the Night , The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight. Glad you found Yelliwstone, one of my favorites.


  73. Elizabeth said:

    I’m in rural Connecticut, with my children in Alabama and California. Living alone sucks! So Sundays are the greatest. We get four generations into one big Zoom meeting. I’m working from home part time, reading a lot. I have taken up bread baking again, with the bonus of bread pudding once a week. I’m making my mother’s yeast based coffee cake to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow. Grateful for hearth and home!


  74. Mindy said:

    We celebrated my daughter’s 12th birthday. All restaurants are only carry out and her request was pizza so we ate pizza in the car to celebrate. Nearest pizza she wanted was an hour away from home.


  75. Nan said:

    First let me say Thank You to all the Essential Workers! Nurses, Doctors, Truckers, Grocery Store Personnel, and Everyone Else!
    Me and the cat have been keeping each other company. I miss my grandchildren and my new great grandson who I only got to meet once before everything hit the fan. He’s almost 3 months old and already I’ve missed SO much. It’s heartbreaking!
    I spend my time #1 reading (I’m into series), #2 watching DVDs (Gunsmoke is my new obsession. There’s just something about a big, tall, strapping U.S. Marshall. Am I right?), # disinfecting, etc. It takes a lot of time just going to the store because once you get home you have to wipe everything down, right?
    If I was selected for a prize, I’d love a signed book (or 2) from the Rough Riders series. I’ve really just started collecting that series, (I already have the first 4 books), but any book would do. I’m not picky, really.
    Until next time…everyone stay safe and take care of your mental health. Prayers for all those n the front lines.


  76. June Hart said:

    My husband and I are both nurses, I retired, he still works nights at hospital. We have been watching TV, reading and working in backyard. I have been making cards while he sleeps during day.
    Hope everyone stays well. Thanks for chance to win.


  77. Latifa Morrisette said:

    I dived in The Tiger King and the drama unfolding was unbelievable. I haven’t been out much. Only leaving to pay bills and get food. Plus I’ve been able to catch up on my reading.


  78. Michele said:

    April was tough for me. I’ve been working from home while my husband roams our very small house looking for what to do. Luckily, there was some really good TV and some strange experimental cooking happening – most but not all of which was successful. I agree with you on Picard, and I will watch Season 2 because, Star Trek. I also watched Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist which made me cry like a baby, Russian Doll and Flea Bag which were interesting and enjoyable and started Ozark. On the documentary side, I would highly recommend both the Jinx (do not Google it before you watch!) and McMillions, both very interesting and engaging. Stay safe & well!


  79. Pat Brammer said:

    I’ve not had a lot of time to watch TV. Or read for that matter!! I’m a nurse at a nursing home, in Kentucky. I work 3-11 shift. We have been blessed to not have any Covid 19. We are very determined to keep our residents safe and healthy! We have celebrated a Nurses Week with games for us and the residents have their own games. It’s been a fun week!!
    God bless everyone and stay safe.


  80. Barb S. said:

    First of all I want to thank your daughter for what she does!! It’s a truly thankless job. My mother was a nurse. Smartest person I know. I am very thankful she is COVID free. My brother got it and stayed quarantined for 54 days. He couldn’t get better. So makes me more thankful when I hear someone does t have it.
    My month was a great month. I got to witness my teacher husband adapt to teaching via ZOOM. He teaches Physics. It has been an adjustment for him. Lots of labs that can’t be done the normal way.
    I enjoyed watching mindless shows on HGTV and channels like that. This month I plan to get into my Netflix/Hulu series’. I did a lot of reading. Mostly rereads of two of your books and some new romance books I have on Kindle.
    I hope this month is good for you!! Happy Mother’s Day!! 💐


  81. Stephanie H. said:

    I’ve been working from home the past 2 months and we did our first carryout for Cinco de Mayo from my favorite Mexican place, so that’s been a highlight. Hubby has been getting paid to stay home and complete a LOT of projects which has been a bonus for me. We, and the entire family, are all well which is the best thing of all. I’m not sure about the prize, maybe jewelry from you – since that seems special and personal – and you know I love ‘ya! Stay well!


  82. Sharon said:

    This has been a sad month my father past then end of last month he had been sick for awhile and bless his heart he was 90 yrs old but I really do miss him. I’m catching up Julie Richman books I got behind and I love her books. I’ve been trying to down load ur black top series so I can read that next. I also want to watch Yellowstone it looks really good going to bing the first season I love shows like that. If I win I’d rather have the $25 Amazon card for books. Love ur books thank ur daughter for all she’s doing and God Bless


  83. Limecello said:

    I like your monthly recaps, Lorelei 🙂
    I haven’t been watching much – what’s on TV … I watched episodes 2-6 of Somewhere South. I’m crushed it was only 6 episodes- I need to try to catch E1. I’m kinda disappointed though because I felt E6 was a bit of a let down/ended as a bit of a downer. I’m sllloowwwwllly working my way through The Good Place.

    I have to go to court if there’s a certain type of hearing so … every day carries stress, basically. Recently medical appointments started up too.

    I have You Deserve Each Other in my TBR so it’s good to know you enjoyed it. 🙂 I also am eagerly awaiting your upcoming release! <3


  84. Maha A. said:

    Hello, thanks for your post and opportunity. April was unexpectedly good for me. I thought it will be horrible as we all at home self isolating and social distancing! I was wrong. I got to connect more with my children especially my teenager one. I got to work from home. Something I thought was impossible to do but here I am ,doing that and still able to attend to my family needs. Of course I wish things will get back to normal but I am glad that I got a chance to connect with my children and I will build on that connection for long time to come. I would like an Amazon gift card as it give me a chance to buy whatever books I want . No matter how much books I have, I am always in shortage for more!


  85. Janice Dart said:

    I can honestly say that this has been the strangest April of my life. I am a K-5 General Music teacher in Nebraska so the ‘shelter at home’ situation has been a huge challenge. I’ve been suddenly separated from my school kiddos with no chance of closure, had to develop a whole new way of teaching children (my district has not allowed us to use any on-line materials, so everything has to be sent home on paper 🤦‍♀️), no making music with anyone outside my family, AND my youngest is suddenly home from college and trying to manage her entire courseload online (talk about stressful for the whole family!). It’s been interesting, to say the least!!
    Things I’ve been reading: your Mastered series- loved it! ❤️, Susan Mallery’s Fools Gold series, Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point series, and listening to a few Julia Quinn audiobooks.
    Movies: I really haven’t watched anything. I’d rather read.
    Food: I’m making (and eating) WAY too much! Cookies, churro cupcakes, Cornmeal Bread, homemade hamburger buns, pecan pie, etc. And I’m cooking 3 meals a day…ugh! When I was little, I wanted to be many things but a cook was not one of them!!!
    Music: Due to being at home (and frustrated by the whole distance learning thing 🙄 ) I HAVE had more time to sit at the piano! Woo hoo! I currently working on Xaver Scharwenka’s “Polish Dance” and it’s been a nice challenge.
    Thanks for blogging! I thoroughly enjoy reading it!


  86. Crystal Sebring said:

    Well, my month kind of sucked. I’m an essential worker at a grocery store, so work has been busy and I’ve been working more hours than ever. When I haven’t been sick, that is. Was out for several days with headaches, body aches, and dizziness a couple weeks ago, went back to work and started having coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Went to the doctor and was NOT tested for COVID-19, but given antibiotics and steroids to treat a double ear infection and “sinus” problems that were supposed to be causing the rest. Also cleared to go back to work and, after missing a day, managed to make it through. Just finished my antibiotics and feeling a bit better, but not 100%. Worry about getting others sick, but we are required to wear masks at work, so I have been doing that and wearing it when I have to go out for other reasons, plus washing my hands/sanitizing frequently. One of my stairs gave out while I was going up them with groceries a few days ago. Nasty bruise on my leg and some pain in my knee and ankle, but thankfully, not too injured. Also having to prepare to move because our landlord decided now was a great time to try to sell the house we’re living in. So, life has been stressful and filled with illness, but hopefully May will bring good things. Haven’t been reading much since I’ve been feeling so awful. Watching re-runs of The Golden Girls and Frasier. Streaming The Rookie on Hulu, slowly because those episodes are intense. Hope you have a good month!


  87. Joy Avery said:

    April went by easier than I thought it would. It was difficult homeschooling my son whose in the 6th grade but I finally have the hang of it. Only left the house twice but I’m a homebody anyway. I am putting on a lot of weight but my mental health has greatly improved. I’ve been binge watching disaster movies and the tv show, Teen Wolf. Loved the extra reading time.
    I shared your blog on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I would love any of your paperbacks.


  88. Anne said:

    I am impressed you watched so much. I have totally avoided looking Tiger King’s way, so kudos to you lol. I have been watching the Outlander series first season so far. Been walking in the treadmill while I watch for incentive. Other than that, I don’t watch much. I mostly read. I have read Devoted to Wicked and Devoted to Love by Shalya Black. I have been working on Tara Sue Me’s Submissive Series which I love. Read Julia Quinn’s It’s in His Kiss. Read Dakota Cassidy’s Good Witch Hunting and Witch Way Did He Go. And lastly, I am re-listening to Jeannine Frost’s Night Huntress novels. Love me some Cat and Bones.


  89. Deanna said:

    When I get time to read again, I will be looking up your recommendations. I have been busy helping clients try to navigate the PPP and EIDL loans from the SBA. As well as helping with getting their bank info entered for their stimulus check. They have extended the tax season until July 15th, so I am still dealing with returns. I’m just hoping and praying that my small business clients will be able to open again soon.
    As I mentioned, I have been too busy to read, but I am truly looking forward to losing myself in a good book soon.


    1. Ana said:

      It was a stressful month, but luckily flew by! I am 100% staying in, mostly reading thank God books are savior! Done e little gardening too, lost shape though.And lots of ordering online , you can imagine what that means,so a gift card would be awesome!


  90. Nancy Shaw said:

    Hi Lorelei,
    Our month of April was bad, Yes, bad. I am 67 and disabled and my husband is 74 and very disabled. We have been trying to do everything we can but so much is simply overwhelming that we have been struggling. We must depend on others to shop, run errands, and to care for us. Our children are doing as much as they can to help us and that is wonderful but sometimes it is hard for them to help so we are alone. We do read a lot and I have been able to sew msks and give them out. I worry constantly about my husband who as multiple severe health problems and it takes a lot to keep him at home. He wants to do all of his regular things and today it is impossible to do regular things. Books keep us busy, thank goodness. We are both very thankful that we are able to care for each other. Keep safe every one!


  91. Tiss Johnson said:

    Spent the month at home, still calving. Only trips to town were for groceries. I’ve not been reading anything. Spend time on Facebook.
    Watch Hannity on Fox News, And I tape my shows and watch after the boss goes to bed. I watch NCIS, NCIS Los Angles, Miami and New Orleans. and old reruns of Blue Bloods. And we watch and local news.


  92. flchen1 said:

    We’ve been home all month, Lorelei, and I’m mainly spending time decluttering the house, which has been long overdue. Obviously I don’t have any other place to be 😉 DH has been bingeing K Dramas, while DS2 has raced through All American. I’m mainly reading off my TBR, and a couple ARCs for upcoming releases, which have been amazing. I think I’d have to go with signed Lorelei books should I be so fortunate–while I’m incredibly blessed to have quite a few on my shelf, I’d love to round out the collection <3


  93. Elaine Caisse said:

    I’ve been working from home, I’m thankful I have a job that allows me to do so. Been playing a couple of online games and actually saving money since the casinos are closed here! Lol!
    About the Tiger King……. I have no need to watch it, since I live in a suburb of Oklahoma City, I have front row seats!! Blessing to all and wear a mask if you go in public.


  94. Gaylin Chavarie said:

    Since I live in Canada, my life has been pretty quiet. I do the cleaning for the apartment building I live in and yuck, got to clean up a sewer back up in the laundry room this month.
    For random close to home exercise, I have been sweeping up all the loose gravel on top of the pavement in the parking lot . . . Totally not necessary but meditative and I accomplish something when I do it. A lot of people are exercising in the parking lot so no loose gravel is a good thing.
    I have been baking cookies and sharing them with other tenants. Even got to send a batch of cookies to one of the ICU units.
    Am I totally happy, nope. Am I freaked out, nope. Just cautious.
    I hope everyone takes care of themselves!


  95. Amanda Hendrix said:

    This past month has been a whirlwind for my family and I. I am very grateful that I was able to keep working for the past month. I am an assistant property manager at a student property. Since we are at social distancing our office doors where closed, but the office staff is still available to take phone calls and do virtual tours for all the incoming students of fall 2020. My husband is an owner operator Truck Driver, so he is very essential and gone during this time. In the evenings I would come home and help, encourage, fight and argue with my 10 year old daughter about completing her schooling assignments. I know have mor gratitude for the school teacher, because I could never be one. Unfortunately for us we live so far in BFE that the internet is pure crap, so she must do all work on paper instead of online. We also had a baby calf drop which was exciting and scary since it was a first time mama. My mother in law finally got to have the much needed back surgery, I have been also taking care of her as well since she can’t get around on her own. The saddest part of my month was the loss of our family dog. Phoenix Sue was 15 years old the day of her passing, and I was so happy that my husband made a surprise visit home that day to help me give her a proper burial. On a positive note I am still reading every night before bed, I am re-reading the Rough Rider Series again, almost done with Book 14 Gone Country 😊


  96. Jen said:

    I have spent the month pretty busy. I am fortunate to be working through all of this as people are still having babies. I have also been finishing classes online. I did have a little downtime and have wasted time also watching the Tiger King. I’ve also watched Good Girls and a couple episodes of outer banks. I also spent lots of time on the app as my boyfriend and I are looking to purchase our first home! Great timing on our part choosing to start looking right before the start of a pandemic.


  97. Debra Guyette said:

    I have had to go out and babysit. My daughter is in health care at the VA and my son-in-law drives a tow truck. Since both are essential so am I.


  98. Lesley said:

    Still going to work, but I work for a small CPA firm with 3 others so we have closed to clients coming in. I have a high school senior, so this is not how we envisioned the end of her high school years, but we are making the best of it. My younger teen hates having to stay in, but loves not having to go to school. So much I could do at home, but I’ve been catching up on Homeland.
    I love Yellowstone too and can’t wait for the new season! I would love an Amazon gift card if chosen. Thank you and stay safe!


  99. Sue Pecenka said:

    I work as a baker in a large Indiana grocery chain. I’ve dnt the month working and reading thankful that the bread rush has padded. Now if we could do something about the toilet paper hoarding!


  100. Kristie said:

    Hi Lorelei! Thanks for all your great books. Since our school system is out I’ve been crocheting. I had nine balls of different colored yarn from a meeting back in December. Normally I would have used this in the classroom, but I’ve been out for a few years. So I thought why not brush off those 12 year old skills (long time ago) and figure out how to crochet. YouTube videos are my friend and now I’ve created a monster. I have so much yarn and have completed several projects. So I’m not reading as much and watching more TV. Just discovered Art Detectives on Acorn TV. Also I’m watching all LEGO movies. Just finished Batman, hilarious.


  101. STACEY WHITE said:

    My month consisted of working and trying to teach. I am considered essential and had to go to work everyday. And I have to children I’m having to learn how to teach. I was never meant to be a teacher. I also love Yellowstone! It is one of my favorite shows.


  102. AnnaMarie said:

    April showers bring more flowers but also more self quarantine. I started watching more Netflix. Watched both of Harlan Coben’s series, The Stranger and Safe. Both were very good.
    Based on your recommendation I’m going to look for Yellowstone. Looks really good and I love Kevin Costner.
    Just finished reading The Boy from the Woods by Harlan Coben. Yes I’m a big fan of his. Also rereading the Chance Creek books by Cora Seton. Enjoy her books.
    Happy Mother’s Day.



    I haven’t read a lot since isolation started here in Australia March 18. Mostly rereads of my favourite authors (Lorelei, V Arend) however,
    I was given a memoir of one of Australia’s comedic icons Magda Szubanski (you may recognise her in the Aussie kids movie Babe, as Mrs Hogett). Such a fascinating person she’s the child of Scottish and Polish immigrants. Her father was a member of the Polish resistance against the Nazi’s in the polish ghettos. It tackles her issues with weight, her sexuality a very surprising and interesting read. Unless its to do with my favourite musicians I don’t normally read memoirs.
    I loved that we’re finding new and fun ways to communicate in these weird and trying times.
    No more finding excuses to stay in my pj’s ALL DAY.
    A new found love for cooking and my slow cooker.

    Anne with an E loved this modern take on a childhood classic
    Outlander season 5 got to love a Jamie fix
    The Witcher – Superman Henry Cavell yummo
    The Ranch binged watched it in 4 days with a best friend who came for a 2 week visit and got stuck with us (for a month) because of LOCKDOWN LAWS it was like the old Melrose Place nights or Friends nights of the 90’s !!!
    Finished Heartland – did I mention I’m a Canadian? Born in Canada to Australian parents grew up in Australia
    Resurrection Eurtugrul – A Turkish series based on the rise and fall of the Ottaman Empire. My brother married into a Lebanese family and converted to islam years
    ago. He has 4 daughters aged between 6 and 13 hahaha I love teasing him about his princess hellions. I binged watched this with them prior to corona virus. It’s all in Turkish and due to the younger girls not being able to keep up with their limited reading abilities, I would read the subtitles in funny voices and sound affects.

    Corona virus/covid 19
    being in lockdown
    dick heads that wont adhere to lockdown rules
    not seeing my family
    conspiracy theories (so had enough)
    Anne with an E cancelled after season 3 WTF NETFLIX

    ANZAC DAY 2020 (similar to the USA Memorial Day for a veterans past and present) our Dawn Service was held in our driveways this year. Some ingenious person created an app that allowed Australians nation wide to congregate for a Dawn Service allowing for time differences etc and played the appropriate ceremonies including the Last post and National anthems of Australia and New Zealand.
    First Responders or anyone that has been classed as an ESSENTIAL WORKER and has had to endure working in these new conditions/environment we find ourselves in.

    I’m not sure what I would like to win, EVERYTHING you mentioned…umm if I have to choose maybe a signed copy of Long Hard Ride it was my 1st introduction to you Lorelei and then I just immersed myself in all things Lorelei, and is still my favourite go to book. Kinda like comfort food or your trusty worn in jeans xxx <3


  104. Tracy Barbour said:

    We spend our April placating our high school senior who’s missing all the things!! At least they were able to have prom! She’s a girl so basically a walking time bomb of emotions. The other two teenagers, hated distance learning, missed their sports & their friends!! I’ve gotten several projects done, mostly outdoor because we’ve had nice weather (aside from a buttload of rain). I have enjoyed the slow pace of things & more family time.


  105. Anne Fortunato said:

    Mostly, I miss hugs!!! I live alone but am very social. Not being able to get out and volunteer has made me sad. But I read, have happy hour with my book club every Tuesday via Zoom, read, visit my children outside 6 feet apart, read, and cook.


  106. Ginger Connatser said:

    Have been reading mostly. Binge watching cooking and home renovation shows. Hate not being able to just go away. Have also been baking and hanging out with the cat.


  107. Sonya said:

    My favorite series is the Blacktop Cowboys.


  108. Amy Butterbaugh said:

    What I did for the month of April. I had my birthday that month but didn’t do anything. Been in the house watching videos of my favorite actors. James McAvoy & Micheal Fassbender. Been watching some TV and reading and writing down stuff as well as going on Pintrest to save some quotes and stuff.


  109. Nikki H said:

    I’ve done lots of reading, a bit of sewing (masks, anyone?), and enjoying my husband’s nonstop cooking. We haven’t been able to see the grandkids as much, but their parents have been doing drive-by visits. Happy Mother’s Day!


  110. Kathy Wideman said:

    Both me and my husband are essential workers. So we have been working and trying to do this distance learning with the kids. I have binge watched a lot of tv. I watched criminal minds, madam secretary, and many other shows. I have been trying to read more. I have read like 5 books by T.S. Joyce plus many other books. I have also been trying some new recipes. I would be happy with any prize if I won.


  111. Lynne Lee said:

    I have been binge watching old series that are no longer on TV. I have enjoyed reading during this time but the bad news is I fell down my front steps which by the way are brick and broke both ankles. I’m am starting to go a little crazy because not only can I not go anywhere but I haven’t been able to even go outside. Lorelei I am in total agreement with you about Yellowstone and I can’t wait for the new season. I would love to know what your secret jewelry stash contains.


  112. Katrina Dehart said:

    Been watching Netflix, organizing the house and doing too much online shopping!


  113. Diane Sallans said:

    Verizon Fios gave us some free premium channels so I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood too – not particularly a fan of the director or stars, but was curious after the award season – liked it more than I expected too. Also saw these ones I would recommend: Green Book, The Upside, On The Basis of Sex, Hampstead (British), Smallfoot, The Wife. Did not finish: Homes & Watson and The Wedding Guest.


  114. Anne Fortunato said:

    Hugs…I miss them, I need them, I can’t wait until I get them again. Meanwhile I’ve been having Happy hour with my girls on Zoom, facetime with my grandchildren , reading and cooking.
    Jewelry might be nice.


  115. Kathy Schnitz said:

    The best part of this month was this morning: my 5 siblings and some spouses and kids met at my parents’ this morning and had a nice visit out in the yard, (social distancing, of course!). It was chilly and we didn’t stay long but it was the first I’d seen any of them since February. Not sure what I would choose as a prize, I love books, jewelry and Amazon. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.


  116. Jodi e George said:

    hello !! happy mother’s day .. i loved that we got a swimming pool and gravel put in our driveway and that my Grandson turned 11 on May 7. I hated that I have been ill and worn out. i love The good doctor, hells kitchen, csi, and master chef. We watched the movie .. i can only imagine and it was a tear jerker ..have seen it twice now. If I were lucky enough to win, I would probably choose the amazon gift card. Thank you for the opportunity to win and for the stories you write.. bless you and have a great evening !!


  117. Jenny B. said:

    April was a blah month, and more than once I lost track of what day it was. Celebrating my birthday without being able to go out and actually do something made it more blurgh. Add in illnesses through myself, my husband, and daughter. Not Covid, thank heavens. Read through a lot of romantic suspense/military, mostly Lynn Raye Harris and Lindsay Cross. Watched a lot of Great British Baking Show, some Call the Midwife, a bit of Outlander, and Longmire.


  118. Ellen Bartel said:

    I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood tonight, I didn’t really know what to expect but then it was not what I expected ;). I liked it. In April I also watched Ozark. I really liked this season, I thought the last season was pretty slow and boring. I read Wound Tight and Lost In You and loved them both. I also read Lost to You by AL Jackson, I did not care for that one at all. I’ve planted seeds for the first time and I’m so excited that they took and I have plants growing! I think I’d like the Amazon gift card if I was to when.
    Thanks for the try! Stay Well


  119. Dawn Pitts said:

    I didn’t watch much TV but I did listen to a lot of audiobooks. Some of my favorites were Brenda K Davis’ Vampire Alliance series, Dianne Duvall’s The Lasaran, and Mary Barlogh’s Simply Quartet series. I’m an Area Director in Toastmasters so April was a transition month as all clubs moved to virtual meetings. We were at the beginning of contest season when COVID-19 reeared its ugly head so we were challenged with holding virtual speech contests. My club joined with another club to have virtual meetings. Lastly, I gave 2 of the last 3 speeches I need to give to achieve Advanced Communicator Gold. I’m so close to becoming a Distinguished Toastmasters….the highest level you can achieve.


  120. Ellie said:

    The sadness of covid and how it impacts the forensic population. Just ended a 7 year relationship…of course there is alot of pain there too.

    Just ended a 7 year relationship…new to living solo means I can now charge sex toys in my living room; no shame! And, I have embraced the calm! It’s felt good to rest, take stock. A world with less busy-nesss and more birdsong feels much easier to fit into, perhaps because I have a type of PTSD and get quite easily distracted. And, I work in healthcare so I am still lucky enough to have work and colleagues. Found strava, started running! Met my neighbours.

    OH and I can read romance in bed at night!


  121. Shannon Taylor said:

    What I’ve been doing…working from home for almost 2 months now. While I am a telework person 95% of the time anyway, it is awful not to be able to leave the house at all. I actually miss the people who annoy the crap out of me the one day I go in office! We have had 2 cruise vacations with our besties cancelled, which has edged me toward depression, but I got a visit with grandbabies that helped. The one thing that has been most horrible through this…we lost both of our furbabies. Abbey Sue and Ella Mae (our pugs) had been with us 11 and 12 years. Both had old age/medical issues and we realized we were holding on for us, not them. The house is so lonely and quiet without them. It has been really hard not having much to distract myself. I have been able to get to my husband’s shop after office hours to keep up with banking and bill paying, so at least that was a little time out of the house. I have been on a hockey book kick…plowed through Kendall Ryan’s Hot Jocks series, a new Arizona vengeance book from Sawyer Bennett. I have seriously been reading more in the past month than when I was confined to bed for a month after foot surgery! I have to charge my kindle every other day. I have been catching up on dvr episodes of NCIS (original and New Orleans) when I take a book break. Miss you bunches my friend!


  122. Wendy said:

    I worked on distance teaching for the month of April. This is definitely a learning experience for me as I am totally zoom, social media ignorant. Most of my second graders know more about the computer than I do. I am grateful for my student’s and their parent’s for all of their patience and support. I am thankful that my Army son is safe on his base at the moment living his dream. I am thankful for my daughter graduating from the Vet Tech Institute and working at Banfeld Hospital as a Vet Tech.

    I binged on rereading Rough Riders and yes I can totally see Carson as John. My favorite characters are Rip and Casey. Loved Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Didn’t think I would but was pleasently surprised.

    Hope everyone stays healthy and safe during these unsettling times.


  123. Michelle Blaise said:

    I’ve been furloughed from my 3-day-per-week-part-time job for the past 1&1/2 months. Biggest adjustment is having my husband ‘grounded’ (he travels almost weekly). It’s been interesting to say the least. I’ve gained 14lbs! He’s used to eating “tasty” meals while traveling. I’m used to meal-prepping and am happy eating the same thing every meal for days-on-end. Needless to say, the more I cook, the more variety, the more I eat. We also both turned another year older (YIPPEE! LOL).
    Planted a vegetable garden with my daughter (home from college). She also played “Hoarder Therapist” and got me to clean out our craft/workshop area and went with me on two trips to the local dump (I think she was there to make sure stuff actually got tossed). We’ve also continued playing our game of Rummy to 1million.
    Was “wined” and played “wine fairy” in our local town.
    Binge-watched Ozark, Bloodlines & Unorthodox. Tiger King & Don’t F%$k With Cats are two that I wish I hadn’t, but did.
    Read/Listened all day long to authors I’ve been following for years but had something new or something I missed (in no certain order): you, Melinda Leigh, Robert Dugoni, Mia Sheridan, Kristen Ashley, R.L. Mathewson, Joe Ide
    New-To-Me: Nick Stone, The Verdict; Jane Riley, The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock (1st time author & I’m a fan).
    I return to work tomorrow & am happy that I am meal prepping today.
    As for a prize, I’m good. I just liked someone asking what I’ve been up to. Stay healthy & well!


  124. Barbara Jackson said:

    Love your books. My month was all about flowers and trying to stay safe. I’m a Kroger florist soon to retire. Sold lots o flowers and ended #3 in division couple 100 store my statement was what a way to end my career. Sadly no social distancing the last 3 days praying no covid19. Would and Amazon grift cars.


  125. Jennifer koon said:

    my month was good, worked and took care of the loved ones in the house. I read a book called Dare by Laruen Landish,crocheting a baby blanket for a friend,spring cleaned the house, new roof, got ready for hurricane season, and watched Disney plus. Prayed heavily for everyone to be safe and this virus ends soon.


  126. Debbie said:

    I feel like I have been working from home for ages and not the two months it has been! I have managed to get to my Arcs on Netgalley and booksirens read, enjoyed and reviewed. On tv I have managed to catch up on Outlander and I have finished Dare Me.
    So far we have celebrated my birthday and hubbies during lockdown.
    The biggest thing I miss is the walk to the pub and sitting outside with a beer and a kindle book!


  127. Vicki said:

    love your books. My month has been interesting. I visited my sisters who couldn’t get certain items so I drove 12.5 hrs one way to delive groceries. It’s always good to see them. Particularly because our planned sisters weekend was cancelled and the 4th of July trip was cancelled.


  128. Susan said:

    I’ve been watching anything British Mayhem on Netflix and tons of baking! Long dog walks and reading incessantly on my Kindle. I would love to win wither $25 giftcard from Amazon, or $25 bucks paid via Paypal or Venmo.


  129. Ashley Ferrara said:

    Hello! The best thing about my month is that everyone in my family is safe and healthy. My sis-in-law is a PA in the ER with a 1 year old at home, so we mostly worried about her and all the exposure she faces. Luckily, she suits up in her gear and disinfects before heading home to baby. I haven’t really had time to watch any TV, so no recommendations from me sadly. With any spare time, I read and I’ve been loving Giana Darling’s Fallen Men MC series. I’m still working full-time and I am so grateful to have a job and a paycheck coming in as I desperately need both. What I miss most are my 2 nieces and nephew and seeing my 3 brothers and sisters-in-law. We’re really practicing safety and keeping our distance, living through video chats and phone calls to each other. If I win, I’d love the Amazon giftcard. I have a book wishlist always and would love to get some new ones. Thanks!


  130. Kate said:

    Hi! That was a fun post to read! Things I am doing right now: Getting through online teaching with my first graders has been a …..challenge. And fun. I am amazed at how adaptable they are. And I miss them!
    Zoom has been fun but especially with my family. The patience my brother exhibits when trying to help my 83 year old parents with technology is admirable. I’m spending too much time on social media so I’ve limited myself to watching live past performances of musicians I am missing this summer due to shows being cancelled.
    I am extremely grateful that COVID 19 hasn’t affected my family, as of right now. We do have friends in healthcare who have been ill so we are thinking of them.
    I watched the second season of After Life on Netflix and can’t recommend it enough. It would have you laughing in one moment and crying in the next moment.
    If I win, I would love an Amazon gift card. Please and Thank you!


  131. SARAH TAYLOR said:

    Hello and Happy Mother’s Day I Love your blog posts and I agree it did seem like the month dragged by The Pie looks so Yummy! If I was to win I would love a piece of your jewelry or a signed book as I love reading print books! God Bless You!


  132. Pam Gomes said:

    My April ended with the feeling that I’m getting better at this working from home thing. I miss my coworkers and Zoom meetings aren’t the same. I love that you share what you watch. I started Expanse and would love to finish it, but I’m the only SciFi person in the house and how often are we alone now? I glimpsed Yellowstone last night and will purchase seasons 1&2 to binge. Keep those recommendations coming! Should you choose me, I’d love anything you’d want to share.

    Glad you’re getting more settled.


  133. SARAH TAYLOR said:

    Thanks for this amazing blog post The pie looks so Yummy I would say a piece of jewelry or a signed paperback of one of the amazing cowboy books Thank you so much!


  134. Jen Humphrey said:

    I was unfortunately furloughed during April so I spent that time reading and re-reading b/c to be honest I couldn’t really focus on a book for long. I caught up on some of my shows and watched CHEER on Netflix as I had heard a lot about it. Also did lots of cooking and drinking, yep lots of drinking. I was called back to work on Monday 5/11. Would love to win a goodie from you – your books were the ones I re-read!!


  135. KC said:

    Locked into stay-at-home with two teenagers since 2nd week of March…and one is a high school senior missing out on all her rites of passage as a graduate! Need I say more?!?! Not the most fun. But we are staying safe and healthy and I’m having fun catching up on TV shows (based on your notes, thankfully, I’ve avoided Tiger King!), reading great blogs and books, of course! 🙂


  136. Courtney Herbert said:

    This month has been good. Still on work from home duty here in Texas, but will be going back to the office on May 18th. Not sure I’m ready yet, but it will be good to get back to a semi normal routine. If thats even possible. I sure have enjoyed the time spent off with my family though. Even under horrible circumstances, but you know what they say it takes events like this to bring us all together. Even at a distance and makes us thankful and realize how precious life is.

    I’m also thouroughly enjoying this time to catch up on my reading list and excited to be able to go back and read the Rough Riders Series. Your books are great therapy for me to get lost in and away from life things.
    So glad that you jumped on the Yellowstone train! I am absolutely addicted to that show and I am so antsy for Season 3. Cannot wait for the premiere 🙂


  137. Chelsea Brooks said:

    My April…goodness, I need to start writing in my journal more to keep up with my time!! 😂 I became an aunt for the 4th time!! 💜 I watched a looooooot of reality tv. And I talked to a friend I haven’t spoken to in awhile.


  138. Elisa Allen said:

    I live near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. the temperatures this month have been below avg for this time of year, I’ve been itching to get out in the garden. I started some plants from seeds (tomatoes, peppers, basil) back at the beginning of April. So I’ve been tending to them all month. They’re doing quite well, and I’m hoping to get them in the ground by the end of May.

    Regarding what I’ve been watching – we only watch 1 hour of news each day. Much more than that is too depressing. We just started watching Season 1 of Outlander 11 days ago. We’ve been watching 1 episode per night. My husband loves watching about the history of his heritage. I love watching Jamie Fraser. Win-win!

    Reading – Read Cowboy take Me Away. Loved it! Thanks LJ! As always, I love your books!
    Also read the prequel for the Outlander series about Jamie and his friend Ian, by Diana Gabaldon. This week, I just started reading the first book, Outlander. I am pleasantly surprised how close the TV show follows the details in the book. It’s great to have some of the details elaborated upon in the book, and that it’s relevant to the TV show.

    Cooking / Baking – anything and everything! Made my own Sauerkraut, nailed it on the first try! Also getting a lot of use of my pressure cooker – ribs, pulled pork, risotto, and more! Microwave Chocolate Lava Cake in mugs every other night. A pan of Cinnabon style cinnamon buns. Chocolate cupcakes. Carrot Cake. Pizza from scratch. I love to cook and bake, so not having many other obligations right now has been really nice for me!

    Thanks Lorelei!

    Be safe everyone. Stay healthy. Many hugs!


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