Dec 09

Man Candy Monday #335

What do you think is going through his mind?

climbing a rope

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  1. MaryAnne

    Dang me…dang me
    They aughtta take a rope and hang me.
    Highhh from the highest treeeee….woman would you weep for me.


    Woman…did I ever tell you that you look good in twine?

  2. Pogonip

    My question is, who cares what’s on his mind? It’s the rest of him that my mind is on.

    My son sent me this today – and it kept me busy for a while. http://distractify.com/people/male-models-and-cats/

  3. MaryAnne


    Models and cats kept me busy for a while too…many yummies and meowies.

  4. Analise

    Sweet Mary mother of God! YUM!!!! Don’t know what he’s thinking but I know what I’m thinking!

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