Mar 13

WY Town for Sale!

The Nation’s Smallest Town is up for auction. Buford, WY – population 1 – will be auctioned at noon April 5.

Since I lost out on buying the town of Scenic, South Dakota last fall…this is appealing to me. How cool to own your own town, huh? I could rename it…McKayville — or not :)

Here are the details: Buford WY for sale

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  1. Debra Smith

    Let’s buy it!

  2. Anita O'Leary

    OMG! McKayville would be so cool!

  3. Sharon

    McKayville sounds too tame, trying hard to think of something that sounds hotter and rougher!

  4. Shazeeda

    That sounds so amazing, to own your own town – but how about calling it
    Wild West, Wyoming instead:)

  5. MaryAnne

    Wow…owning your own town…what a trip!
    The town meeting would be short and you’d have no competition as far as what you want to do to spruce up the place. Having it’s own Post Office is a plus.
    Love McKayville…Alphaville…Euphoria.
    Buy – Buy -Buy!

  6. Heather E

    I say go for it. You can name it Jamestown or Lori-WOOD like Dollywood and have your own, eh hum, amusement park. Women would come from all around to visit a real live McKay on his working ranch. You could build a downtown with Dewey’s Delish Dish, The Golden Boot, Healing Touch and even a Sky Blue store. You could have a furniture store selling Ben’s furniture (with all the hidden BDSM hooks). You could start a whole new tourism industry in Wyoming. Oh! The possibilities are endless. It’d be like Disneyland for all your fans! 😉

  7. MaryAnne

    I’m with her.

  8. susan v.

    I’m with Heather on all her ideas but, the town should be called McKayville.
    I would so consider moving to McKayville, WY. Just the thought of McKayville puts
    a big ol :) on my face

  9. Karen

    I’m in. I’ll buy it, of course I live in Australia so it would have to be a holiday destination for me. Anyone want to manage it for me?

  10. Cindy

    Buy it! This way you have to keep writing about all those McKays.. and Joely… and help me out ladies.. there are so many stories!!!

  11. Shannon bigelow

    Please buy it and stock it w beef from ur stories PLEASE!!! I would love to visit ; ) and prob never leave…………

  12. Barb Ledbetter

    I love all the ideas. But McKayville sounds to hokie with the ville added on. Why not just McKay, WY?

  13. Renee M

    McKayville would be the HOTTEST little town in Wyoming!! Much much bigger than Disneyland, who wants wants silly little mouse ears when you could get a genuine McKay Stetson?!?!?!!!

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